I thought you might this of interest. http://kingmandailyminer.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=32453&SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&S=1
It is a bit of shameless self promotion as well as a plug for my adopted home town, Kingman, Arizona. It also hints at my vision for Route 66.
Each and every individual associated with Route 66, for fun or profit, needs to see the entire highway as a community. That was my idea behind offering to distribute promotional material or display flyers for any place along Route 66 through my office. It seems to be the idea behind Jim Conkle’s vision for the Route 66 Pulse.
I figured it would be good for business, good for Kingman, and greatly expand on the promotion of struggling mom and pop shops all along the highway. If folks along the road reciprocated Kingman and travelers win.
Now a visitor to Afton Station in Oklahoma headed west can do more than plan an overnight stay in Kingman. He can see that by adjusting his schedule from a Friday night stop to a Saturday night layover there is the Chillin‘ on Beale Street event to enhance his trip.
Then, while in Kingman, he can stop by the office and I can supply material encouraging a stop or two in Barstow. Adding this promotion to my blog, website, and the forthcoming Route 66 Association of Kingman site, offers additional exposure to places and event on the highway as well as helps folks plan their Route 66 adventure for maximum enjoyment.
So, anyone out there have brochures or flyers they want me to post or distribute? Anyone out there want to post flyers for events happening in Kingman?
If nothing else drop a note and let know what you think.

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