The next installment in the Chillin‘ on Beale Street chronicles takes place on the evening of August 15. Entry of vehicles is free as the goal is to simply bring the community together for an evening of fun, music, games, a farmers market, and cars.
So, bring out your bicycle, Escalade, low rider, classic, Harley Davidson, hot rod, pick up truck or 4×4 and have some fun. If you would like more information contact the Route 66 Association of
This is also the contact if you have wish to share a photo or a brief note about your Route 66 experience in Kingman. These will be used to round out the forthcoming, interactive association website. Join us as we write a new and exciting chapter in Route 66 history!
Last but not least mark your calendar as the date for the Kingman Street Drags is fast approaching! This year the event has been expanded to include a massive block party under the starry desert sky.
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