I am again a bit pushed for time and as a result will need to continue the discussion about the American auto industry and the Great Depression either this evening or in the morning. One of the most interesting books yet read on the subject of the banking crisis during the 1930s and the rise of the New Deal is this one.

The price is a bit spendy for a paper back but this well researched work rates at the top of my list for books written about the cause and effects of the Great Depression.

Last evening we attended an introductory meeting on the proposed solar powered electrical plant hosted by the Route 66 Association of Kingman. My initial impression is favorable. Details will be posted soon.

I am quite glad Jim Conkle has resurrected the Route 66 Pulse, a much needed clearing house for information along historic Route 66. In the upcoming issue there will be extensive information about the Kingman area and its colorful history.

After a shaky start it looks as though the Will Rogers Awards and Route 66 Days in Flagstaff, Arizona is coming together in a big. If your a fan of the old double six I highly recommend this event.

I should note that I will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble that weekend, Saturday the 12Th of September, from 1:00 to 3:00. So if you happen to be in Flagstaff for the event or just passing through I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself.

In recent posts I noted my struggle to find a silver lining in the “Cash for Clunker” program. The deeper I dig into this the more angry and disgusted I become. This cost analysis study adds to both feelings immensely. http://www.theamericanconsumer.org/2009/06/30/cash-for-clunkers-may-not-benefit-consumers-or-the-environment/

I have another update on the steam powered Packard. I received a pretty reliable lead about the cars current location. Once this is verified information pertaining to the cars history and current condition will be posted.

A wide array of plans for some exciting projects are currently under way. Our prints are now being sold at the Lile Gallery in Amarillo (contact information is in the upper left column) and we are in the preliminary stages of planning an early fall Route 66 cruise that will be a combination vacation/book signing/research trip for Ghost Towns of Route 66.

Then there is the Adventure Expo in Chicago next January. This is still up in the air but it looks as though we will be dusting off the long johns for at least one weekend next winter.

Work on Ghost Towns of the Southwest is pretty much finished and Ghost Towns of Route 66 is underway. In addition I have three more in the hopper – a book on an Alaskan adventure, another on ghost towns of the Sauk Trail, and another on vintage cars along Route 66.

If your travels include passing through Kingman in the next couple of months you might plan to be here on the evening of August 15TH, the date for the next Chillin‘ on Beale Street. In September there is the street drags and block party and there may soon be a Harley Davidson themed ghost town cruise and a “T” party, as in Model T Ford. I will keep you posted.

Stay tuned for updates and the next installment in the auto industry and Great Depression story.