It has been a relatively cool summer even though the temperatures still hover around the century mark as they have for weeks. This is about five to ten degrees below normal but still not cool enough to make long walks in the desert enjoyable.
So, we either enjoy the sunrise or find projects that can be accomplished while savoring the breeze from a fan. This weekend those projects including finalizing a complete outline for a guide and history book profiling U.S. 6, gathering material for Route 66 Ghost Towns, a little research about the sale of domain names, and some promotion for the book signing in Flagstaff on the 12TH.
Another project is to delve into black and white photography. These photos were taken in the old mining town of Chloride, a favorite of ours that is fast vanishing as folks discover its charm and build new homes here.
The first photos are of the train depot. Few who visit discover this hidden treasure and those that do think it is a recreation built to promote this place as a ghost town.
The fact is Chloride was once the most promising community in Mohave County. In addition to a railroad, it was the first community in the county to incorporate, and featured a very diverse business district that included billiard halls, a Chinese restaurant, a laundry, garages, service stations, banks, and lumber yard.
This little town is just one of a number of neat little detours for the Route 66 traveler rolling through Kingman. Simply turn north on U.S. 93 and drive about 18 miles to the well marked Chloride turn off. The town is about two miles north of the highway.
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