As you may have noticed I have been delinquent with posts this week. I apologize and hope the building suspense of wondering what posts were waiting in the pipe line wasn’t to nerve wracking.
In these troubled times additional stress is not warranted. Besides, here at Route 66 Chronicles the ideal is to provide a break from the pressures of the world with a little humor, often at my expense, and a little historical perspective to balance the perception that these really are the worst of times.
So, with that introduction lets get to previews of coming attractions.

  • This weekend it is time to tune up the old Jeep in anticipation of the next adventure. An oil change and other routine maintenance is also on the schedule. As this is the most modern vehicle I have ever worked on my perspective will be provided shortly after –
  • The economic climate has dealt a blow to my well laid planes. In short, my vacation has been scrubbed as there is now no one to relieve me and hold down the fort. So, the much anticipated Route 66 tour is postponed.
  • Next Saturday, with the cats and house in the care of my capable son, I will be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Flagstaff. This is also the weekend for the Route 66 Days festival. Even if a book purchase isn’t in your budget, if your in the neighborhood I hope you will look me up.
  • As the vacation has gone the way of the dodo plans are being laid for an anniversary celebration/vacation weekend. We are thinking it is time for a visit to one of our favorite places, Prescott, for dinner and a quiet evening. I am leaning towards the Hotel St. Michael, an old stand by.
  • The plans continue with me introducing my dearest friend to the treasure that is the historic Senator Highway, a territorial era thoroughfare that connected the mining camps of the Bradshaw Mountains with the the capital at Prescott that has changed little in the past century. The culmination of the drive is the old town of Crown King and the trip down the mountain via the old railroad bed. Rest assured you will be teased and encouraged to take to the road less traveled as we will surely post photos of this adventure.
  • This Sunday I will be filling in for Pastor Harlan Dennis in Peach Springs. I so enjoy seeing friends in Peach Springs and as an added plus this means a cruise down old 66. For more on the history of Peach Springs check out the latest issue of the Route 66 Pulse.
  • Another item on the plate this weekend is the next installment of The Independent Thinker for Cars & Parts magazine. This time I will be profiling C.H. Wills. As always I will post a bit from the column here. As a teaser his handiwork is on display every time you see a Model T and driving at night just wouldn’t be the same without his ingenuity.
  • Last but not least, this weekend I will post photos of the stunning sun sets we have been blessed with this past week.
  • Stay tuned …