Better late than never, or so says the old axiom. The long awaited monsoon season has been active the past few days bringing us some much need rains and absolutely stunning sunsets.
These photos were taken in the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains above Fort Beale Springs. The loop trails through these delightful landscapes present the illusion of wilderness adventures even though the “metropolis” of Kingman is less than two miles to the east.

This is still open range which means cattle have the right of way. In addition there are also deer and other wildlife in these hills so be alert when driving.

Folks roar past this wonderland on U.S. 93 en route to Las Vegas and miss this little corner of paradise. This area with its loop trails is also overlooked by travelers getting their kicks on Route 66, just five miles to the southeast.

The close proximity to town makes it an ideal after work getaway. So, my dearest friend and I often find ourselves here in the evenings after dinner. More often than not we have the entire place to ourselves and the cattle.

In recent months there has been a great deal of discussion about pulling stakes and either finding a homestead in the Silver City, New Mexico, one of my favorite haunts, or really setting out on a new adventure by relocating to Alaska. The move to New Mexico has been a long held dream as this area is in my way of thinking some of the finest found anywhere.
Alaska has been of interest since I was a kid reading Jack London and Robert Service. Still, we are desert people. That is one of the primary reasons we reluctantly decided to skip looking for a small farm in the mountains of Missouri.

Alaska offers a chance to savor the free thinking independence that first enamored me to Arizona. On the other hand, Silver City is at the heart of some of the most stunning and historic real estate I have ever found.
Well, in either case now is not yet the time. Family obligations, financial constraints, and a few other ties will keep us here in Arizona for a bit longer. Besides there is no place like home.
Next week we will leave the cats and the house with our son and head fort he high country. If you happen to be in Flagstaff next Saturday afternoon I will be at Barnes & Noble signing books. It would be great to see readers of the blog face to face.
Happy trails!
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