One day, twenty four hours. Ten hours at the office, errands for mom, final edit for the next installment of The Independent Thinker, then load the Jeep, and a good nights sleep. That all that stands between us and another adventure on Route 66.
For us Route 66 adventures are a daily occurrence. My office is on Route 66, we attend church in Peach Springs, forty five miles to the east on Route 66, and when I drive to my mom’s house it requires a few miles on Route 66.
Still, the chance for a long cruise along the old double six always quickens the spirit. On this one there are additional elements to ensure it will be memorable.
I really enjoy book signings as it gives me the opportunity to hear the thoughts, opinions, and suggestions of those who buy my books. However, this one will be really special as it is in conjunction with the big Route 66 festival which means it will be an opportunity to meet the folks from various egroups and renew old friendships.
As an added plus my dearest friend and I will be using the weekend to celebrate another anniversary. Mere words can not express how blessed I am to have this wonderful women as my wife.
My son will have a vacation of sorts as he has the house, and cats, for the day. This means access to the big tool box and diagnostic equipment.
The only real cloud is the memory of 9-11. What a tragic time for America. How unnerving to realize that to a large degree we have been shielded from the barbarism that is so prevalent in much of the world.