If there were any doubts about the growing popularity of Route 66 or the fact people associate this highway with old cars, motorcycles, cruising, and fun in general check out this blurb from Route 66 News about last weekends Route 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino, California. http://rwarn17588.wordpress.com/2009/09/21/route-66-rendezvous-attendance-rises/This photo was taken in Oatman during last years Route 66 Fun Run. This is another event that will eliminate any doubts about the popularity of this legendary highway.
As Route 66 is an integral part of my daily life there is never any doubt that this highway has transcended its original purpose. This is no longer a mere highway; it is the yellow brick road, the Silk Road, the Orient Express, Dream Street, and the Santa Fe Trail all rolled into one long stretch of asphalt.

In the past week I had dinner with Cort Stevens from Elgin, Illinois who was on a voyage of discovery along Route 66 and rented a truck to some bikers who broke down in Kingman on their grand adventure. I have also provided brochures about Afton Station to a couple heading east, signed t-shirts for a lady from Indianapolis, and talked with folks from three countries seeking the wonders of Route 66.
More often than not it is this fascination and how to harness it for breathing new life into the tarnished historic district of Kingman that runs through my mind when we walk the trails around Fort Beale. That is on those rare occasions when the stunning scenery, such as in this picture of thunderheads rising over the Hualapai Mountains, doesn’t bring me up short with awe and wonder.

Another great place for meditating on the lure and fascination with Route 66 is iconic Mr. D’z Diner, the former Kimo Cafe. Savoring a root beer and listening to the excited chatter of tourists from throughout the world as they poor over photos or brochures is definitely an inspiration if the mind is focused on how to make Kingman a better place to live as well as visit.
Yes, Route 66 is alive and well and yes, it is the stuff of dreams.
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