The next thirty days in Kingman will be a very busy month. It would seem we have an event for everyone unless they prefer Dancing with the Stars over cars, music, food, cowboys, Route 66, great weather, and a general good time.
The big one will be the Power House centennial celebration with number of events tied to that including a car show. This is scheduled for the weekend of October 17. weekend we have the Andy Devine Days celebration with the PRCA Rodeo as the center piece. This event morphed into a celebration of Kingman’s favorite son, Andy Devine (, from the Diggin’ Dogie Days held during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s that allowed local miners and cowboys to compete in the skills of their respective trades.
In addition to the rodeo there will be a parade and a number of other events held in conjunction. For complete information contact the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce.,com_jcalpro/Itemid,35/extmode,view/extid,17/

On a more personal note there is a bit of excitement in the Hinckley home as my latest book, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, is now available for preorder on This is my fifth book!
This mile stone has not translated into a profitable venture as evidenced by my watching the clock this morning to ensure the office opens on time. Somehow I managed to transform writing into a second full time job albeit one that pays a bit more than McDonald’s but not quite enough to quit the day job.
Still, as I enjoy sharing special places with folks and can talk old cars for hours there is a satisfaction derived from each book or feature written that is priceless. That is according to me. Others have said I can talk old cars for hours even if alone and still enjoy myself. These same “friends” have also noted I have a talent for telling folks where to go.
Now, it is on to the next project, profiling the ghost towns of Route 66. Then, lurking in the wings, is a history and guide book to the most eccentric, unique, and obscure highway in America, US 6.
Other projects include the monthly ghost town side bar for True West magazine, the monthly Independent Thinker Column for Cars & Parts magazine, the monthly Route 66 Chronicles piece for the on line edition of the Kingman Daily Miner, updates for the Route 66 Info center website, and a feature or two for the Route 66 Pulse.
Of these it is the Independent Thinker column that really has grabbed my attention. Every month I seek out the obscure figures in automotive history and give them their proper place on stage.
The last feature profiled C.H. Wills. This gentleman was truly multi faceted in his genius with credits that include a name sake automobile with a highly advanced V8 engine in 1921, the famous Ford script, the Model T transmission, the development of moly and vanadium steel, and design work on the stream lined look for the Chrysler Airflow.
Times up. Its off to job one, the one that keeps gas in the Jeep, beans on the table, and the electricity on.
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