To say the least, these are interesting times. This is especially true here in my corner of the world along Route 66.
After almost a full year of planning a Route 66 adventure/research expedition/publicity tour I am back to square one. The trip was originally planned for mid September and was to include photographing sites for Ghost Towns of Route 66, signing a few copies of Route 66 Backroads, meeting a few folks I have been corresponding with, stopping in to Bob Lile’s art gallery in Amarillo where our prints are being sold, and addressing a high school student body in Tulsa. Then it was rescheduled for mid October, a move that would enable some sites to be photographed with fall foliage back drops.
With each delay the possibility of having to put everything on hold until next spring became more of a possibility. Now, with the early arrival of winter it looks as though I have no choice. This creates a bit of a problem as the deadline for the manuscript is May 1.
On a more personal note I was really looking forward to this trip as it would be the first time my dearest friend had driven east of Albuquerque. In addition the myriad of wonders found along Route 66, I had hoped to share with her those special places such as Palo Duro Canyon featured in Route 66 Backroads.
Meanwhile, I am turning my attention to the ghost towns west of Kingman in the California desert. Winter is the best time for exploring this vast wilderness of sand and stone.
Perhaps I can bring some good out of a very depressing situation. My dearest friend loves the beach so, perhaps, we can make this a long weekend that starts with Route 66 exploration, continues with a stop to visit Tina McCuren at Auto Books-Aero Books in Burbank timing it so we are there for the Saturday morning cruise, and then an afternoon at Santa Monica.
It is difficult not to get caught up in the the excitement of Route 66. It seems at every turn people are discussing the wonders of this legendary highway or puzzling puzzling over its popularity.
National Public Radio recently did a segment on Route 66 in New Mexico. ttp://
This Dutch website by Dries Bessel keeps folks up to date about the highway and events along the route.
The questions received about Route 66 everyday led me to create Route 66 Info Center,, as a planning source for people traveling the iconic highway, as well as a planning tool for those looking to to take a trip on this or other historic highways. It is a work in progress but the highlight, installed yesterday, is a calendar of events with mouse over feature.
The first event added was this weekends huge Power House centennial celebration/art fair/car show, Octoberfest/parade in Kingman. If you have an event for inclusion please send me the details and I will get it posted.
On a final note, if you are planning a trip along Route 66 this website is a must as it details all of the highways alignments. The work and attention to detail that has gone in to the Route 66 Atlas is nothing short of astounding.