Issues at work and the need to pick up donated paints from True Serve for a down town refurbishment project prevented attendance of the Oktoberfest and Power House Centennial celebration until late afternoon. Attendance Saturday evening was prevented as a result of unexpected issues that demanded attention and Sunday morning was also spoken for. So, I missed a large portion of the festivities.

The overall impression and the initial reviews are that the event was a huge success in regards to attracting crowds to the historic district. Looking back to the beginning of the year it is now quite apparent that the team work of the embryonic Kingman Route 66 Association, the Kingman Cruzers, other local car clubs, and the Kingman Downtown Merchants Association is starting to bear some fruit.A special kudos has to be given to Chris Durkin. He is affiliated with both organizations and is one of those fellows who seems to be in two places at once.
The next endeavor is the Halloween Bash. In addition to providing youngsters with a safe place for trick or treating it will combine vintage cars, the historic district, music. and food. Last year the Kingman Cruzers held a smaller version of this event at the What A Burger and drew an estimated crowd in excess of 5,000 people. Details will be posted in the calendar of events section of the Route 66 Info Center site this week.

Additional new business for this weekend includes the penning of a monthly feature for the on line edition of the Kingman Daily Miner. In this addition I provide historical perspective to the automotive industries promotion of niche market vehicles to the inner child.

Specifically, I present a summary of the Mercer Raceabout and the Stutz Bearcat. I will post a link upon publication.

Next is a feature for the Route 66 Pulse on ghost towns of Route 66, the subject of my next book. Hopefully it will illicit offers of assistance from readers.

Then it will be back to working on the website, promotional aspects of Ghost Towns of the Southwest, and planning for the Adventures in Travel Expo in Chicago, trying to figure out how to schedule a Route 66 research trip. The hope is that at some point all of this work will tip the scales and I can make the full time job the part time job and writing as well as photography will be our primary source of income.

In the mean time I suppose we will just have to enjoy the grand adventure that is life here on planet earth. If all else fails I can emulate the website, delete and start fresh. I wonder if I am to old to resume my short lived career as a cowboy or perhaps blacksmithing might be an interesting employment option.