As noted yesterday the schedule is rather tight at this time. So, instead of a detailed post, quick road notes are the order of the day.

  • Hualapai Mountain Park is located less than twenty miles south of Kingman, Arizona and Route 66. This forested oasis is a short detour often overlooked by Route 66 adventurers.
  • For the truly adventuresome the magical land of the Havasuapi people is another unique Route 66 detour. The charming village of Supai nestled deep within towering canyon walls, thundering waterfalls, and breathtaking scenes of majestic wonder make this a world class destination.
  • Another great destination to add to the “must see” list when visiting the Kingman area is Grand Canyon West with the engineering marvel that is the sky walk. This one of a kind opportunity to experience the majesty of the canyon with an eagle’s eye view is but one of many surprises awaiting discovery. As a footnote the sky walk is not the only engineering marvel found at this location. During the early 1950s a mining company constructed a cable car system across the chasm high above the Colorado River.
  • Ghost towns abound in the Kingman area. Some are recreations with historic facades, others have an association with the Territorial period as well as with Route 66, but all are tangible links to a long and colorful history. A new guide book, Ghost Towns of the Southwest, is ideal for the arm chair explorer, the avid off roader, or fans of the legendary double six.
  • Chloride, Arizona is the lone survivor among the historic mining camps and towns of the Cerbat Mountains north of Kingman. Dating to the 1860s this charming village is a photographers paradise with its weathered train depot, miners homes, and the time capsule that is Yesterday’s Restaurant.
  • Kingman, Arizona may be one of the great overlooked vacation destinations in America!

This photo was taken from an abandoned mine high in the Cerbat Mountains above Chloride, Az. The first photo is of Hualapai Mountain Park.

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