Here is a quick shot of yours truly in his native and preferred habitat. This was taken in the Hualapai Mountains on Sunday.
As the northern half of the world spins towards winter here in western Arizona it is the wind season. This is a bit different from the spring breezy season and the summer monsoon gust season.
Yesterday winds were pretty steady at 25 miles per hour and gusts topped 35. The forecast for today is more of the same but with much lower temperatures.
So, bicycle riding to work is on temporary hold. When weather necessitates driving I see it as an opportunity to exercise the vehicles on a rotating schedule.
Yesterday I drove the Jeep. Sunday, on the way down from the Hualapai Mountains, the check engine light popped on so I dropped it at Taflan’s garage. One MAP sensor and $275.00 later and all was well.
Today, I will most likely dig out Barney the wonder truck. Saturday, I gave the old truck a bit of a work out with drive east on old Route 66 to the airport, formerly the Kingman Army Airfield, to pick up a few dozen gallons of paint from True Value donated for historic district projects.
The Olds will be next. This tried and true war horse never disappoints but is always amazes. This old thing may be the most dependable and reliable vehicle we have ever owned. The paint and interior may be gone but the mechanics are still storing.
We have toyed with selling the old thing but to be honest don’t know if anyone would buy it. Its not really a collector car and as noted the body as well as interior are pretty rough.
Times have changed. There just aren’t a lot of folks who would pay a couple hundred dollars for dependable transportation.
The early winter storms have led to resignation in regards to our Route 66 adventure. I suppose we will have to wait for next spring.
Undaunted, we will turn our attention westward. Chronicling the ghost towns of Route 66 in the deserts of California will provide ample excuse for an excursion or two and is an ideal winter activity.
Meanwhile on Route 66 its off to work with dreams of grand adventures dancing in my head.
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