Lets start the day with a free book offer. Details have not been finalized and the cover design is still subject to editorial change but we will be giving away a free signed copy of the latest book, Ghost Towns of the Southwest next March, the scheduled release date.
The offer will be for followers and fans of Route 66 Chronicles. Complete details will be posted this weekend.
I was able to spend a few quick minutes yesterday in the archives of the Mohave Museum of History & Arts. Preliminary investigation and discussions with Dan Messersmith, Mohave County Historian, indicate the mystery road east of Goldroad and below Route 66 was built about 1905 as the mines here were developed and the town established. Improvements were made between 1910 and 1913.
At some point between 1914 and 1917 the road was bypassed in what appears to be two stages. Its replacement was the current alignment of Route 66 that was bypassed in 1953.
On a more tragic note the latest prognosis of Bob Waldmire’s illness is not good. To say this free spirited artist is a Route 66 icon would be akin to saying that Arizona is dry.
His last appearance and showing of his amazing artistry is scheduled for the 22ND of this month in Springfield. Here is a link for details.

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