The new hire is getting the hang of things at the office so Monday is getting close to once again becoming a day off. Today, with the exception of an hour to open, a half hour for closing, and a few phone calls to resolve problems the day was mine.
It was a bit brisk and windy which negated a walkabout. So, I dusted off the website project that has been rather stagnant and began a concerted effort to revamp it, to really make it into the project envisioned.
Initially the website ( was conceived to be a venue for promoting the books as well as photography, prints as well as stock photos, and an interactive site to assist those planning a trip along Route 66 or any of the other great two lane highways. A secondary incentive was curiosity about the mechanics of website construction and promotion.
I should have been working on the book, ghost towns of Route 66. However, I felt that, perhaps, a detour of sorts was needed even though the past couple of weekends have been devoted to playing hooky and lending a hand to a friend in Peach Springs.
It would seem I am suffering from spring fever in the late fall. Scenes like this one along the pre 1939 alignment of Route 66 near Crozier Canyon Ranch have rekindled my hunger for a road trip that has barely been containable this past few months. So, I turned to the website hoping to transform the hunger, the passion for the open road into a website that would be a virtual road trip for those suffering with a similar affliction.
Well, step one was to delete it and begin anew. With the exception of a link accompanying the lead in photo for the Memory Lane Garage the home page is complete. The other pages are up and in varying stages of completion.
Step two will be to flesh it out and learn the ropes in regards to website promotion. Input as well as ideas regarding content would be greatly appreciated.
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