Its twilight time for the year 2009 here on Route 66. Where the year went is a question asked every year at about this time.
Perhaps the reason the year seems to flash by in a mere moment of time is my tendency to try and get thirty two hours out of most every day, except on Sundays when I slow down and shoot for a mere twenty six hours. Or, perhaps, its just the realization that sixty is looming at the top of the hill and I have to squint real hard to see fifty in the rear view mirror.
Aside from the real job, the one that keeps the Jeep in gas and us in beans, I am striving to become an overnight success twenty years in the making through writing as well as photography. The long and short of that story is I have turned writing into a second job that pays a wee bit less than one at Walmart but that is one heck of a lot more fun.
I kicked off the year with preliminary work for a book singing in September at Barnes & Noble in Flagstaff. This was on the third of January.
One week later I was signing books at the Mohave Museum of History & Arts in Kingman. As an added plus this landed a brief interview with the Kingman Daily Miner.
On the following Monday, my days off are Sunday and Monday, I wrote another installment of The Independent Thinker, my monthly column for Cars & Parts magazine. I also updated the blog, resolved issues pertaining to acquisition of health insurance inspired by a bout with gall stones in December, met with Joseph Powskey regarding murals for the Route 66 Association of Kingman, and worked out the press release distribution for a book signing in Lake Havasu City with Maurrie Salenger, publicist with Voyageur Press.
The following Saturday, the 17TH, there were household chores and promotion arrangements made with the Flagstaff Daily Sun. As it turned out that and subsequent work was a wasted effort for the week before the September signing on a Saturday afternoon, the press showed it taking place on Sunday afternoon.
Monday morning was an informal meeting with Tim McDonnell of the Kingman Route 66 Association. In retrospect this too was a wasted effort as the grant application was approved but the project was suspended.
That Saturday after work was spent at the key board with research material strewn about in semblance of a natural disaster. This project was a feature on the history of Route 66 for Route 66 magazine.
On the 31ST we set out for the desert oasis of Lake Havasu City for a book signing at Hastings Books & Music. The highlight of this adventure was meeting a delightful young lady who was eagerly anticipating acquisition of a drivers license and a car made before 1960.
After January things began to really get busy. That, however, is a story for another day.
As time seems to be flying by it seemed a good idea to share this poster pertaining to a car show in February of 2010. If I don’t post it now there is the possibility it might be March before another opportunity presents itself.

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