I have used the last couple of posts to formulate a game plan for the coming year. It is my hope that by looking back I can avoid the mistakes and wasted efforts in 2010. In so doing perhaps I can encourage others through my misteps (401K?), mistakes, and acheivements. I will pick up that thread with evaluation of March in the next post.
In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol the main character, Scrooge, attributes seeing the first ghost to a bit of undigested cheese. In my case the ghosts of the present, past, and future that permeated last evenings troubled sleep are being attributed to a blending of recent news stories, books currently being read, frustrations with the ghost town of Route 66 project, the situation with Bob Waldmire, the web site, indicators that our society is in a state of rapid transition, my sisters deteriorating health, and my son turning 21 in less than two weeks.
After months of hit and miss trial and error I am finally comfortable with the website. Now, I can really begin adding to it with the goal being to create a one stop interactive travel planning, automotive trivia site, and virtual photo gallery. Please let me know what you think. http://www.route66infocenter.com/
I have a better than average knowledge of history and an understanding that it can be utilized as a predictive indicator of what the future holds. Suffice to say though I am rather optimistic by nature there is a growing apprehension about 2010, especially from an economic stand point. Perhaps I am just not smart enough to understand the intricacies of spending our way out of a debt induced depression.
To resolve frustration with the book project it is being placed on the front burner with a priority one status. So, the next day off will be spent burning up the phone lines, exploring the dark recesses of Ebay, and the library archive.

Come hell or high water I will begin writing by January 1 with a goal of completion by March 1. That will free me up to begin promoting Ghost Towns of the Southwest upon its release in March.
I have not fully formulated a thought about our recent adventure on Route 66 and how it symbolizes the current state of life here on planet earth but that is simmering somewhere in the back of my mind.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, its time to oil the bicycle chain, find my sweater, and head for the office. It promises to be a busy day as the illusion that an ant hill has been kicked over continues and folks move to all corners of the nation in the hope that the grass will be greener, or at least a hope they will be able to continue eating on a regular basis as the Great Depression Part II unfolds.

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