Okay, I am stretching a point as these photos were taken about ten miles to the north of Route 66 in the Sacramento Valley at the base of the Black Mountains. Still, they work well to illustrate this mornings thoughts about ramblings on Route 66 in the deserts of California and Arizona. The fall and winter, as well as early spring, are the ideal times for exploration of the deserts. The temperatures are often near perfect, surprisingly the traffic is much lighter, and there is little worry of snakes or other denizens of the desert.
To that end my wife and I are in full gear as far as exploration of the deserts go. At every available opportunity we have loaded the Jeep with gear and a picnic lunch, and set out to explore the road less traveled.

As lamented in numerous posts the trip east along Route 66 to seek its ghost towns has been postponed until early next spring. Time and again I have put off admitting that by moving the deadline. Most recently it was Bob Waldmire’s last art show in Springfield this Sunday and the showing of “Bones of the Old Road” at the historic Coleman Theater in Miami, Oklahoma next Tuesday evening that served as incentive to make the trip before winter set in.
My wanderlust coupled with desire to seek the hidden secrets of Route 66 can not be subdued by mere work related obligations that result in tight schedules. So, we now turn our eyes to the west.
The plans are now being laid for a weekend adventure along Route 66 to Barstow or, perhaps, Hesperia, in the next week or so. The rough plan is to follow Route 66 along the pre 1933 alignment through Goffs and then through Amboy, Essex, and Ludlow to Barstow.
On the return leg we will attempt to utilize directions from Jack Rittenhouse’s 1947 route guide to locate lost stations and stops. If time allows we will even seek sections of the National Old Trails Road utilizing the prowess of our stalwart companion, the Jeep.
In the mean time we will hold the thirst for adventure at bay with short afternnon jaunts. This weekend, provided the desert winds are subdued, we will turn our sights on exploration of the upper section of the old road below the summit of Sitgreaves Pass near Goldroad.
As they say on television, stay tuned for details.

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