In my top ten list of favorite things vintage automobiles dominate at least one or two of those slots even though I am not the average car guy. As an example, I can repair most aspects of my vehicles, especially the older ones built in an era of carburetors, plugs, and points, but derive little or no pleasure from the endeavor.
I do, however, enjoy driving them. In stock configuration vintage automobiles are the closest we can come to actual time travel. Enhancing that illusion is driving them on historic two lane highways such as US 6, US 66, and the Lincoln Highway. The next best thing is to see, and hear, vintage automobiles in their native habitat, the historic back roads. To be passed by a vintage Corvette, or to pass a slow moving Model A Ford on Route 66 is a brief opportunity to experience a point where the past and present share the same point in time.
From that perspective I am quite fortunate to live here in the desert southwest where vintage vehicles are seen on the streets 365 days a year. As an added bonus I also live and travel daily on Route 66. Then there is the fact that my office is directly across Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66) from NAPA auto parts, a stop for many who travel this historic highway with an older vehicle.
So, the opportunities I have for these time travel moments, even if it is vicariously, are a daily event. In fact I can not remember the last time there was a day that didn’t include a vintage automotive experience.
The top photo was taken in Hackberry, Arizona, at the iconic general store on Route 66. I was playing with photo shop and felt the sepia towns helped convey the concept of blurring the past and present.
This photo was taken during the Route 66 Fun Run in Oatman. The bottom photo was taken at the same event in Hackberry. Together they exemplify the automotive diversity the event attracts.

The fun run may be the crown jewel of blending Route 66 and automotive history but it is only one weekend of the year. For the next 362 days you will have to drive it with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning.

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