It is Tuesday, the first day of a new work week for me. Though I am quite grateful for having a good job it has become a very heavy burden in recent months.
First, there is the increasing sense of desperation in my customers as they move in or move out. People starting over at fifty plus years of age, people selling most everything to afford to move, people moving in the hope that somewhere else is better, people moving on the slim hope of a promise of work by a friend.

Then there was the thrice canceled vacation. This in turn has added to the stress associated with the new book project, Ghost Towns of Route 66.
Last but not least has been the near impossibility of having a weekend off as I train a fill in. This past weekend was the best one since mid September work till noon on Saturday, called back to the office at four, Sunday off, Monday open and close the office.
As usual I try to never waste a moment. So, I used the weekend for a delightful walk along an old mining road that climbs high into the Cerbat Mountains with my dearest friend, work on the website project (, research, writing, and reading as well as the usual errands for my mother.
As I edited photos for size to ensure fast load time for the website I cam across this shot and was immediately transported to a delight three day weekend last year. It was our 25Th anniversary celebration.
I had arranged for a three day weekend and as the old Ford wagon was suffering from severe oil leaks had also arranged for a rental van from work as well as made reservations at the historic Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. I have to add at this juncture that Bisbee needs to be experienced at least once.
It was a long but relatively pleasant drive of just under four hundred miles to Bisbee. Along the way we stopped in Tombstone where we visited some sites associated with my wife’s family as her father was born there. These included the Rose Tree Inn and the courthouse where her grandfathers picture hangs in the gallery of Cochise County sheriffs.
The return trip was a long drive as I decided to by pass Phoenix. So, we rolled north through the old mining towns of Globe and Superior, into the bedroom community of Payson, and to I40 at Flagstaff. What a wonderful trip!

Well, its always nice to visit the past but there is the future to plan. So, its off to work I go.

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