Shortly after this mornings quick Thanksgiving post I stood at the front window and watched the sky, brighten, turn pink, and the first rays of the morning sun cast shadows of the rosemary and sage on the drapes in whimsical patterns.
Breakfast and coffee with my dearest friend were followed by a little blast from the past music, Phil Collins and Cindy Lauper, as I finished preparing for the new day. This included gathering lunch items, fresh pumpkin pie and bean soup, and warming up the Jeep as the temperatures were just a hair under the freezing mark.
I so wanted to ride the bicycle this morning as I love the brisk morning air. However, as I need to drive to my mothers this evening via Route 66 it seemed best to take the Jeep.
The drive was wonderful. I took the long way which allows for a few miles of driving on the historic old highway and by the time I arrived at the office the sun had crested the Hualapai Mountains casting them in a wild pattern of shadows.
What a great way to start a day!

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