For all intents and purposes Route 66 is a dead highway now broken into dead end tracks of broken pavement and county roads that link forgotten communities lined with empty motels and tumble down service stations. Here and there are odd little time capsules or recreations of what once was, such as Afton Station or Mr. D’Z Route 66 Diner, that seem as out of place in the modern era as a Model A Ford on the interstate highway.
In between are ghostly remnants from another era, rusty cars and trucks abandoned to the elements, foundations obscured by brush and sage, and even ghost towns. What is there in these forlorn scenes that captivate and entrance?

The lure and appeal is not limited to the American experience. In fact it is the American that often struggles the most to understand.
I received this note from a gentleman in Australia. “Imagine the wind in your hair, the road stretched out before you and a Harley Davidson to propel you on the adventure of a lifetime. Route 66 Tours wishes to introduce you to a road trip like none other on offer anywhere in the world. Come and get your kicks on Route 66.Route 66, The Mother Road, Will Rogers Highway, National Old Trails Highway and The Main Street of America are all names describing the famous and now historic ribbon of concrete and tarmac that stretches from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. Covering almost 2400 miles, depending on the alignment you measure, this is truly Road Trip Heaven. I first drove along Old 66 in 2004 and it instantly became my passion. It soon became a dream of mine to introduce others to this amazing road trip, along with the enormous amount of history it encompasses, and as a result Route 66 Tours was born.”
The note ends with, “We are extremely proud of our tours and have hundreds of happy clients that will tell you that they have seen a part of America that few tourists ever see. Why not visit our website, call for more information, but do come tour with us and get your kicks on Route 66.
I will readily admit that we often take the old highway for granted. After all, I drive it daily, and even on days off it is often the link to our adventures.
As a stunning sunset will often go unnoticed until it is called to our attention by the wide eyed wonder of a child, Route 66 and its wonders can be overlooked unless our focus is redirected by those experiencing it for the first time. With that thought in mind, if the opportunity arises buy lunch for a visitor from a foreign land and listen as he describes their voyage of discovery along the Main Street of America.
I guarantee it will change your perspective about Route 66 and this wondrous place called America.

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