Lots of neat stuff to report this morning but as usual I am on a bit of a tight schedule. So, in this post I will provide the highlights and then details either this afternoon or in the morning.
Cort Stevens was so moved by his Route 66 experience and adventure in September he has taken to writing a fascinating short story. After stewing on his offer to allow me to post it on the website, www.route66infocenter.com, I decided to make a counter offer. I will post teasing snippets followed by a link to his interesting site dedicated to the legend of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and his road trips.
After months of postponed Route 66 adventures the decision has been made to make a run to Barstow in the first weeks of January come hell or high water. The goal of the weekend jaunt is to photograph and research the ghost towns of Route 66 for the forthcoming book. As we will be traveling by Jeep, I will have photos of sections most not likely seen by fans of the double six for at least fifty years.
Loosely, very loosely, based on the classic “Twelve Days of Christmas” starting on Christmas day I will have a couple of treats for Route 66 trivia buffs as well as those planning an adventure on that legendary highway next year.
The first item in the 66 days of Route 66 will be news items pertaining to the highway. The catch is each of these news stories will be from the years before decommissioning.
As a teaser, what celebrity lost his eye in a car crash on Route 66 during the 1950s? Spread the word and stand by, the countdown to 66 days of Route 66 is underway.
The second item pertains to the website, Route 66 Info Center. Every morning, for sixty six days, a virtual trip down Route 66 will unfold from lodging and museums, to short detours and restaurants.
In the mean time it is my sincere hope that each of you are blessed with a wonderful holiday season and a very merry Christmas.