ADIOS 2009

Route 66 trivia note of the day – the Desert Market in Dagget, California, opened in 1908 as Ryerson’s General Store. This store is but one of several historic structures that offer hints this dusty little town was once much more than a forlorn spot on a bypassed highway.
This mornings post is a bit short, a result of very tight time constraints. Still, as promised I wanted to post today’s trivia note and I also wanted to say that is my sincere hope that 2010 is a year of blessing, hope, health, and prosperity for each and every reader.
If you enjoy this blog it might be a good idea to tell a friend about it. We will be presenting a new and improved face for 2010.
On a final note, thank you for the support, the encouragement and the wealth of ideas. They are murch apprecciated.