Time constraints again dictate the size of this mornings post. Suffice to say that once again I have boxed myself into a corner where there is a need to squeeze 32 hours out of the next 24.
One item on the “to do” list was to ensure day 17 of our 66 days of Route 66 trivia was not left blank. So, today’s trivia notes are from the land of Lincoln.
Elkhart, Illinois, may present the impression it is a rather lively ghost town but the little town with the big landmark, a 777 foot hill on the edge of town, has had numerous brushes with fame and more than one opportunity to hog the spot light at center stage over the years. Abraham Lincoln was a guest at a stylish hotel built on the hill. A.H. Bogardus, the gentleman credited with transforming the hunting of birds into the sport of skeet shooting, was a resident with a long list of celebrity associates including Buffaolo Bill Cody.
John Gillett was another resident and at his passing was one of the largest private land owners in the state. He was also credited with developing his own breed of cattle.
Perhaps the towns most famous resident, as evidenced by signage on one of the towns main streets, was Richard Oglesby. Oglesby transformed the fame garnered on the battlefield during the Civil War into three terms as governor.
Elkhart, Illinois, is more than just a dusty wide spot on the Main Street of America. It is also just one of many places on iconic Route 66 that deserves more than a quick drive through

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