Okay, I am being a bit sarcastic but at this point in time Route 66 here in the Kingman area is an honest river, a stream for those from the midwest. It has been raining off and on since late this past Sunday and has been a steady down pour since early this morning. The weather folks are saying this will continue at least until Friday evening.
I am eager to get out this weekend for some photography and exploration. In addition to some vestiges from the National Old Trails Highway that were promised earlier this week, we hope to get some good shots of the affect this rarity has on the deserts.
The last time we had rains like this some twenty years ago we were on our way home from Bullhead City via Oatman. We topped Sitgreaves Pass in a coastal thick fog and on the east side, near Fish Bowl Springs, there was an actual waterfall.

Then, a couple of years ago, we topped the pass to find the most stunning winter display as the Hualapai Mountains, deeply frosted with snow, stood in stark contrast to the rugged features of the Black Mountains.
Of course rain and snow in these amounts presents more than just stunning sites. It can also be dangerous and destructive as evidenced by reports that in the Flagstaff and Williams area by the time this storm blows through on late Friday or early Saturday there may be seven feet of snow on the ground. I am also hearing reports that the normally dry Big Sandy River at Wikieup may set a new flood crest record.
A similar storm in 1937 devastated the Truxton Canyon area and resulted in the closure of Route 66 for several days. It also led to a realignment of the highway to the canyon above Crozier Canyon Ranch instead of through the property.
This storm also devasted large sections of the highway in the Sacramento Valley to the east of the Black Mountains. I will look through my newspaper clipping file but as I recall the highway in that section was closed for five days.
On the final note of hte day I have part two and part three of Cort Stevens wonderful story to post on the website (http://www.route66infocenter.com/). The plan is to have that posted before the weekend.

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