This is the season for dreaming of spring, of planning road trips, and thinking of travel in general. To that end the focus will again turn towards fine tuning the website, Route 66 Info Center, in the next week.
In the past few weeks we have added a Share Your Adventure page, added some new photography, and a couple of new book reviews. The goals for the next seven days are adding a new chapter to Cort Steven’s unfolding saga as well as a link to the photo journal of his adventure on Route 66 last fall, some new book reviews, add some Route 66 trivia notes and related links, update the calendar of events, add a few more photos, and, perhaps finalize arrangements to add a forum page.
The goal for many of the additions is to make this a more interactive site. So, if you wish to share a link to a photo chronicle of your adventure, have tips, suggestions, ideas, or event that would like to share please let us know.
After a small detour and a couple of bumps in the road the Route 66 Association of Kingman is back on track. The website is nearing completion, months after the original deadline, but I promise it will well be worth the wait.
In the mean time we will utilize the Destination Kingman page on the Route 66 Info Center site as a temporary home. In addition, there will be a membership drive and organizational meeting at some point in the next four weeks. I will keep you updated.

It was brought to my attention that I neglected to post Route 66 trivia yesterday. So, I owe readers two items.
First, pertains to the Route 66 Motel in Kingman, Arizona. During the 1960s and 1970s this motel had another name.
Care to take a guess? Give up? The Pony Soldier.
For those who really want the no frills experience in authentic Route 66 lodging I suggest the Route 66. Several friends have stayed there and always found it to be clean as well as relatively quiet.
As an added plus I know they owners and they are very nice, friendly folks. And to round out the Route 66 experience there is a Sonic Drive In across the street, Route 66, where local clubs often gather during the months of spring and summer.

Item number two. This photo, courtesy of the Mohave Museum of History and Arts in Kingman, is of the Old Trails Garage circa 1950.
As a point of reference the tall building to the right sporting a Chevrolet Buick sign is the Hotel Brunswick.
The garage dates to about 1914 and has served as a repair facility for a number of automotive manufacturers including Packard, Chalmers, Chevrolet, Cadillac, La Salle, and Jeep. If you cruise the alley behind the garage you will still see the faint Jeep logo painted on the wall.
The parking lot to the west was the site of the Desert Drug, Frontier Cafe, and Frontier Bar.

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