First, I would again like to apologize. Daily postings have been side lined this past week as a result of a very hectic schedule. I think we should be back on track with the exception of next weekend when we go to Prescott for a book signing and interview, leave that cats and house in the care of our son, and obtain some new photos as well as information for the blog and website. It would seem the popularity of Route 66 shows no sign of waning. In fact, it may be even more popular today than ever before. There are as many theories about this as there are rocks lining Route 66 between Essex and Amboy. On a personal level I enjoy the old road for a wide array of reasons but the bottom line is it allows us to live in the past and present. We can enjoy the old road because it is no longer a 2,000 plus mile demolition derby of stop and go traffic. of stop lights, and of speed traps. We can savor its charms and the tangible links to the non generic age in America. Then we can hit the interstate to make time if need be. It is the best of both worlds. If I am reading the schedules that are being sent to me correctly a number of folks feel the same way. They also hint that it will be a very busy year on Route 66. Here is a rough schedule and a note received from Dries Bessel of the Dutch Route 66 Association who be leading a group of Harley Davidson/Route 66 enthusiasts this summer.

“I have been working on getting a side job as Route66 tourguide which seemsto have been successful. If the company gets enough participants together Iwill leave for Chicago on july 16th and we’ll keep the following schedule:July 16th -travel to the USJuly 17th -Visit ChicagoJuly 18th -Ride to Springfield, IlJuly 19th -Ride to St. Louis July 20th -Ride to Springfield, MoJuly 21st -Ride to Oklahoma CityJuly 22nd -Ride to AmarilloJuly 23rd -Ride to Santa feJuly 24th -Ride to HolbrookJuly 25th -Ride to WilliamsJuly 26th -Ride to Flagstaff via Grand CanyonJuly 27th -Ride to KingmanJuly 28th -Ride to Las VegasJuly 29th -Ride to BarstowJuly 30th -Ride to Santa MonicaJuly 31th -Ride to Fly back to AmsterdamSince I’ll be tourguide I will not have large amounts of free time and theschedule is not flexible since all hotels will be pre-booked but we willmake plenty of stops! I hope to meet y’all in July!Dries

Here is a note received from a group coming from Austrailia and New Zealand.

“Dale here from Route 66 Tours in Australia. I have another group of Australian’s & New Zealander’s coming with me on the BEST Road Trip in the World. So watch out for us as we cruise the Mother Road in 2010 Mustang Convertibles. If you have a business or an attraction you want us to visit please let me know. Following is the basic itinerary so you can be prepared for us if you want to be.We are in Chicago from April 3 to 6 – Chicago to Springfield on the 6th – Springfield to St Louis on the 7th – St Louis to Springfield on the 8th – Springfield to Tulsa on the 9th – Tulsa to Oklahoma City on the 10th – Oklahoma City to Amarillo on the 11th – Amarillo to Santa Rosa on the 12th – Santa Rosa to Santa Fe on the 13th – Day in Santa Fe on the 14th – Santa Fe to Gallup on the 15th – Gallup to Grand Canyon on the 16th – Grand Canyon to Kingman on the 17th – Kingman to Las Vegas on the 18th – In Vegas from the 18th to the 21st Don’t get me wrong we have a fantastic itinerary with details of some of the best things to see and experience along the way and you may already feature as a recommended stop. But I wanted to let you all know that we are excited, and will again be coming to the USA, and to a Route 66 town near you. See you on the Road. www.route66tours.”

This is one of the most exciting tours yet to be announced, a micro car group headed for Chicago.

“I am looking for people who live along the Route 66 Hwy across the west. Inparticular looking for people near the following cities and towns.Barstow CaKingman AZHolbrook AZAlbuquerqe NMAmarillo TXOklahoma City OKJoplin MOSouth west of St Louis maybe near Gray Summit MO Springfield IlThese are places that will be close to where we will be spending the nightswhile on our trip. Also interested in people familiar with St Louis MO. Ihave been there several times and know my way through, but looking more fora tourist guide.We will be on our cross country tour in August of 2010. We will take as muchof the old route 66 as possible. Anyone living close to the old Route 66 Iwould love to talk with you. I have made the trip before, but never in amicrocar. I am sure we will make several more stops than I ever did before.The trip will take us 12 days. Actually only about 10 of driving. But wewill take a couple days off for sight seeing or rebuilding microcars.We have several Goggomobils and Vespa 400 cars on this trip. The Goggomobilsare pretty dependable. It is yet to be seen if the Vespa 400 can do this.There are several other micros also going.We will have a web site up and running so people can follow along with thetrip. At least 4 of the people going will be making blogs about the daysevents. Should be interesting to read 4 different versions of what happenedthat day.Any help will be appreciated. Larry Newberryemail: microcarlot@hotmail.com 300-3599

Here is a link from Route 66 News about the event with some photos of the vehicles that will be participating. Yes indeed, it looks as though it will be another very exciting year on Route 66!

Now, for a couple of quick updates. This weekends schedule includes adding Ludlow to the section profiling Route 66 ghost towns on the companion website, Route 66 Info Center, finishing the The Independent Thinker column on “assembled cars” for Cars & Parts, finish the Arizona section for the new book, Ghost Towns of Route 66, answer correspondence, and enjoy a long wife with my dearest friend as the temperatures will be in the low sixties today. I would like to invite anyone in the Prescott area to stop by Barnes & Noble on Sunday Afternoon, February 21. I will be the featured author of a meet and greet event there and it would be a great pleasure to meet followers of the blog, as well as fans of Route 66 and the great backroads of America. 


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