At about 4:00 this morning I sat bolt upright in bed with a clear vision of what needed to be done to the website. For months I have tried different templates and formats but just couldn’t get the site to fit the vision.
So, I spent more time with this than content. This mornings vision and a very busy lunch hour resolved that. Now, I can focus on expansion of material.
So, when you have a spare moment please take a look at the new and improved Route 66 Info Center and let me know what you think.
On the Memory Lane Garage page we have book reviews, links to automotive club sites, historic and original photos, and, of course, original feature articles. The next addition to this frame will be tech tips and expanded content.
The home page has links to the other pages with summaries. In addition, at the bottom of the page there is a calendar of events for the Kingman area.
Other pages currently in place feature original photos, travel tips with links, hotel and book reviews with links to corresponding websites, my schedule, a page where readers can share their adventures and photos, and great photos. The forum has a glitch and is not active as of yet and the gift shop is only complete on the Cafe Press site but has not been added to Route 66 Info Center.
There is a link for the gift shop on the upper right corner of this blog. If your looking for that special Route 66 related gift or souvenir that might be a good place to start.
The material ready to be added is expansive and will only be limited by time constraints. I have a small section for ghost towns of Route 66 but have thirty similar profiles ready to add. Likewise with a ghost towns of the southwest section.
The photo gallery at the bottom of hte home page is but a preview. We have almost 500 images ready for the stock photo catalog to add as soon as possible.
The Route 66 real estate page is only a shell. I need your assistance to complete this. So, if you have a property for sale in any community along Route 66 please let me know.
As we want this to be an interactive and multi dimensional site another area where we can use assistance is in advertisement. If you have a business on Route 66, or the other great two lane highways, please contact us to discuss advertising on the site.
Now, lets see if I can get the Info Center open and in full scale operation by the kick off for road trip season. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it is not a train.

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