As in the movie Groundhog Day, I know that the more things change the more they remain the same. In this particular instance I am referring to the fact that time and again one day, a mere twenty four hours, can completely alter the best of well laid plans.
Well, that is truly the case since yesterdays post. The winter storm never materialized, there were issues with the internet provider, an unexpected trip to Walmart, and a minor glitch in what was to be the simple matter of gathering everything for the tax accountant in the morning.

It is times such as these that I give serious consideration to becoming an Amish farmer. On occasion this fantasy becomes a bit more modern and we have an old farm but draw the line at 1930 for the technology we will use.
Instead, sucking it up to the best of my ability, this morning I plowed through the tasks at hand, let out a very audible sigh when contemplating the website ideas that were not feasible, and took my dearest friend for a long walk in the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains near Fort Beale. The cold morning air, the beautiful landscapes, and the company of my dearest friend, was a refreshing tonic and for a brief moment I was able to forget the impending deadlines that were hanging over my head.
I knew that it would be a push to make up for lost time but as there was little that could be done without internet capabilities the only option was to relax. This is not an easy task at this stage of the game.
The deadline for Ghost Towns of Route 66 is a mere two months away. The website is now on the fast track towards becoming the travel site envisioned. Travel plans that coordinate with promotional venues for the books need to be made. Spring is around the corner and I need to put a roof on the back side of the house, prepare the cooler, and clean the yard.
As in most trying circumstances I find things to smile about, especially if the problems are largely self induced. Topping the list of ironic twists for the week is that I have received an invitation for a video interview and plug on the Jay Leno’s Garage website for the The Big Book of Car Culture
Here is the ironic part. I have always felt this book did not sell in the numbers it should have as a result of the cover and my lack of experience in what is required to promote a book.
Just last week I spoke with the publisher about either an improved second edition or a second volume, sort of a part two. Now, I have this tremendous opportunity to promote a book that was awarded the bronze medal at the International Automotive Awards but it is not my latest book but one written five years ago!
In either case this next week I will discuss options with the publisher, adjust my calendar, and see if Mr. Leno would be willing to put this together in early April. If so we will be off on another adventure and further constrict the time for completion of the new book. Trust me, I have absolutely no complaints.
As it stands now we have a book signing at Hastings Books, Music, & Videos in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on the afternoon of March 13, another at the Hasting store in Kingman on April 17, and then two days of speaking engagements as part of the Kingman KABAM festival in mid May. Then there are the loose plans for the last week in May that include a whirlwind tour of Route 66 from Kingman to Missouri, including the pre 1937 alignment in New Mexico that wound north to Santa Fe.
As your Route 66 trivia note of the day, this would include some exploration around Glorietta Pass and the old Pigeon Ranch. This was the site of a major skirmish during the Civil War and a real tourist attraction during the 1920s and early 1930s.
There is a touch of frustration to all of this. Success, determined by me to be the ability to pay all bills without a full time job and still eat at least every other day, seems so close I can touch it. I just can’t seem to get my fingers around it.
So, I will just keep writing and taking pictures because of the enjoyment derived from sharing special places and obscure moments in automotive history. If, by chance, success does arrive I will rejoice.
With that said, its time to get back to the book, work on the website, write a proposal to present to the publisher in the morning, answer a few letters, work on the press releases for the upcoming book signings, …

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