I am not sure whether to be upset about all that did not get done or rejoice in what did. My well laid plans to update the website, thank Cort Stevens for the excellent photo links, continue the maddening search for information about Romeroville in New Mexico, and post a few book reviews went south with my internet connection this past weekend.
On the positive side I was able to really delve into the book. It remains to be seen if I am winning or loosing as there is still a great deal of work to be done and less than two months in which to do it.
Yesterday, I focused on Texas and the dusty little towns to the east of Amarillo, and western New Mexico. As a bit of a teaser for what to expect from Ghost Towns of Route 66, we have a shootout in Washburn, a German POW camp, a mystery surrounding a stolen and still missing Rolls Royce, and last but not least, Lucille Ball’s hideawy in New Mexico.
As crazy as it may sound with pressures mounting and deadlines looming, my pulse jumped with excitement after a discussion with the publisher and an offer for another book. This will be a huge and very difficult project – more than 100,000 words, thousands of photos, and a twenty month deadline – but the thought of writing and compiling a Route 66 encyclopedia has sent my over active imagination into high gear.
Meanwhile, in addition to completion of this book, I have several signings, a speaking engagement, a pending interview for Jay Leno’s Garage book club, a photo exhibit, and, I hope, the long awaited Route 66 excursion, all before June 1!
It looks as though the next few weeks will be more fun and games on Route 66. At least I don’t have to worry about getting bored. If I do there is always the roof repair, the truck repair, the garden, house painting, website, ghost town expeditions, …

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Jim Hinckley's America is a grand adventure on the back roads and two lane highways. It is an odyssey seasoned with fascinating people, and memory making discoveries. As made evident by the publication of fourteen books on subjects as diverse as diverse as Ghost Towns of the Southwest, The Illustrated History of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, Travel Route 66, Backroads of Arizona, and The Route 66 Encyclopedia, I enjoy sharing adventures and helping people plan for their own memory making journeys.

Thank you, shared adventures are the best adventures.

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