The breeze turned into a gale around midnight last evening and this morning the light mist became a full blown snow storm. Again, if anyone does not think Kingman has seasons, it is obvious they haven’t lived here for at least seven days in a row.
I had hoped to get a few photos of the snow as this is such a rare treat here and a dusting of the white stuff really transforms the desert and adds new dimensions of color as well as shadowing.
So, as I had to work and the snow is melting with a change to rain, this photo from last years storm will have to suffice. See, it does snow in the desert. As a note of interest that is Barney the ever faithful wonder truck under the snow.
This weekend the temperatures are projected to push beyond sixty degrees. That means the weather in Lake Havasu City will most likely be in the low seventies. So, that means we should have a great adventure and there should be a turnout for the book signing at Hastings Books, Music & Videos.
As noted previously, May is shaping up to be a huge month here in Kingman and all along Route 66. Here is a note received this afternoon –
Dear friends,
Greetings on behalf of the Czech Route 66 Association!

Let me share with you this fabulous piece of news:
The very first Czech film about the famous Route 66 will be shot this spring during this year’s first trip to the Mother of Roads.
On its odyssey on the Main Street of America , our twenty-man band will be accompanied by a film unit under the direction of Tomas Zindler, Czech director and cameraman. The movie that seeks to depict the beauties of the famous American 66 highway from the perspective of the Czech and Slovak fans will be broadcasted on television in the Czech and Slovak Republic . Plans are also underway to distribute the film on DVD. Given that the footage is going to be shot in high resolution, we also plan to bring the movie to the cinema audience.
This great film work will be produced thanks to intense activities of the Czech Route 66 Association in the USA and also thanks to personal experience and friendly relations with the US associations and federations. We would be truly thrilled for the film to feature all the prominent big names of the famous R66. It is highly likely that the outcome of this project will be a riveting documentary about the present of this legend! What we feel is important to stress out is that while this may be a low budget film produced out of excitement and sponsored by its creators, it has got a great potential! I will therefore highly appreciate if you decide to support this project and also spread the word about it among fans and the R66 personas. I also look forward to meeting you on Route 66.
Get your kicks on Route 66!
Zdenek Jurasek
Czech Route 66 Association

I hope folks and communities all along Route 66 will roll out the red carpet. What an awesome opportunity to spread a little international good will and promote the wonders of an adventure on Route 66 at the same time.
Of course, the first weekend in May will be the annual Route 66 Fun Run. This is always a grand adventure and I hope anyone planning on being in Arizona during the event weekend will join in with the festivities.
I was hoping to have a few more details but also scheduled for the month of May is a celebration of Route 66 through art and photography at the Beale Street Brews & Gallery on Beale Street one block north of Route 66 in the historic district of Kingman. As soon as I have more information it will be posted.
In a couple of unrelated notes, I have received a couple of very interesting books for review, a feature written for Cars & Parts magazine.
The first would be for fans of cars that fast, very fast. This book on the legendary Yenko Chevies and the man behind them is quite fascinating to say the very least.
I would suggest this book to anyone interested in motivational biographies, fans of muscle cars, or to anyone with more than a passing interesting in interesting aspects of post war American automotive history.

This second title is for those of you who enjoy the open road, a few bugs in the teeth, and the unbridled excitment of knowing that there is nothing between you and the asphalt but a pair of jeans, and perhaps, a set of leathers. I would also like to add that if this is your idea of adventure and this book is for you, that you consider the hearing of those who reside in the neighborhoods you pass through.
In the old days automotive exhaust cut outs were reserved for the open road. Otherwise usuage would result in some pretty ugly encounters with cars with flashing bubbles on the top and hefty fines.
With that caveat I step down from the soap box and present to you –

I have one more to suggest. Now, this is for those who love the road trip, historic back roads, and are interested in Route 66 but are looking for something a bit different in the next adventure.