The rough draft for Ghost Towns of Route 66 is finished! The next hurdle is to whittle the text down to 20,000 words without loosing some of the detail about Foss, a bump in the road that once was large in enough to support two banks.
As often happens with these projects, I continued to fret about progress until frustration led me to tie my back side to the chair and write. So, last week while my deaerst friend transformed the bedroom by removing carpet, laying tile, and painting, I dug through my reference material and worked to encapsulate the history of some of the most interesting people and places on Rouute 66.
Counted among the fascinating discoveries would be Don Trinidad Romero, namesake of Romeroville, New Mexico. What an amazing and inspirational story about rising above circumstances.

The next stage of this adventure is to pin down some historic photos and post cards for illustrations. These will be combined with photos from our adventures and the artisty of Kerrick James.
In a few unrelated notes our Route 66 adventure scheduled for late may is still on track. Having initially planned this for last fall it is long overdue.
The Road Trip Day at Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burabnk is really shaping up to be an interesting adventure. The store isn’t far from Pasadena and Route 66 making this a detour to consider.
My dilema with attendance is travel. It is a 350 mile drive and the kick off of the festivities is 10:00. Do we leave after work on Friday and stay in Victorville or Hesperia? Would it be better to hit the road at 3:00 or 4:00 on Saturday morning?
In either case taking to Route 66 just won’t be feasible, at least on our trip west. The return trip is another matter and we are already looking forward to climbing Amboy Crater.
The final note pertains to gasoline prices. Are the rising prices leading you to reconsider a Route 66 adventure?
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