There was a sense of anticpation in the air yesterday morning at the office that seemed to build in direct correlation to the rising winds. About an hour after opening, the salesman from Martin Swanty Chrysler began moving the inventory to the truck lot which meant I had to move the trucks to the back of the property.
By about 1:30 the winds were gusting to thirty miles per hour and the first of the vintage Mopars began rolling in on their journey to the Cruise to the Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas. As with previous years, the Swanty family generously provided lunch for all in attendance and soon the entire lot stretching for more than two blocks along old Route 66 became a veritable sea of colorful, vintage Mopar muscle.
The throaty rumble of V8 power echoed up and down the street as car after car rolled on to the lot. The Mopar history on display ran from a 1966 Imperial and 1965 custom Dodge truck, a very rare Shelby Omni, and a new Challenger convertible and a Viper, to Hemi Cuda convertibles. What a display!

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