I just received the calendar of events for Kingman area activities through June and it looks as though the biggest challenge will be in deciding what to miss so we can attend something else. To say the very least there will be something for everyone so here is to hoping that if your travel plans include Kingman they might be expanded to stay a day or two.
Before I provide a few highlights (the entire calendar will be posted on the calendar of events on the home page at Route 66 Info Center) let me share an exciting little tid bit of old fashioned, shameless self promotion.

Title: Ghost Towns of the Southwest
Author: Jim Hinckley
Photography: Kerrick James
ISBN-13: 978-0-6703-3221-4
Price: $21.99
Pub Date: March 2010
ACTIVITY #1: Library Journal Xpress Reviews – First Look, April 2, 2010
Hinckley (coauthor, with James, Backroads of Arizona) displays clearly his love for the subject. He describes 50 towns with historical detail and obvious interest in the sad tales that ended nearly the same in each area. Photographer James provides beautiful and thought-provoking photographs that highlight the buildings, ruins, and scenery of each town. . .
Verdict This is an excellent book for students of local Arizona and New Mexico history as well as those interested in travel along Route 66…—Sara A. Miller, Atlanta-Fulton P.L. Syst.
Check out the complete review at:

ACTIVITY #2: Reviews are scheduled for May or June issues of the following publications:
AAA Arizona Highways (circulation 450,000)
RV Life (circulation 55,000) – also interested in running an excerpt from the book
Sun Life Magazine (circulation 45,000)
Escapees (circulation 38,000)
Many thanks to Maurrie Salenger, Marketing Manager, Quayside Publishing Group, for a job well done. This couldn’t have come at a better time.
After the writing and publication of five books I have learned that for there are several stages in the procecc. The last seems to the be the hardest and the most depressing.
The text for Ghost Towns of Route 66 is finished with the exception of some sidebars, a little polish, and the captions for exisiting photos. Last minute snags pertaining to historic images and that silly nagging sense the book will be poorly received or not fulfill its purpose of encouraging people to travel, to explore, and to see the old highway in a different light hangs over my head.
Enhancing the sense of depression that I now recognize as part of the process are family issues including a younger sister in the hospital with a terminal situation. It is situations like this that put things like worry over photos or how well a book is received in perspective.
Now, lets encourage you to travel, to make memories, and to discover Kingman as your Route 66 destination. Topping the list for roadies has to the be annual Route 66 Fun Run, a three day, 180 mile block party celebrating Route 66 and America’s love affair with the automobile scheduled for April 30TH through May 2ND.
Unfortunately I will miss this years event as we will be at the Road Trip Day celebration at Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank. I believe this will be the first time we have missed the Fun Run in sixteen years.
On April 10TH and 11TH the Murphy Gun Show will  return to the Mohave County Fairgrounds. If you have the slightest interest in guns, the history of guns, or are fascinated with vintage firearms mark your calendar for this one.
Motorcycles dominate the 22ND to 24TH of this month. There are the Kingman Hog Days at Mother Road Harley Davidson, Escape to the Mountain, a motorcycle rally to Hualapai Mountain Resort, and a Biker Extravaganza & Swap Meet at Kelly’s Performance Specialists at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park.
On the 25TH there is a cruise east on Route 66 for the Keepers of the Wild Car Show & Tour. For more infoprmation call 928-769-1800 or check out their website,
On the 13TH, 14TH, and 15TH of May there is the KABAM (Kingman Area Books Are Magic) festival featuring yours truly as a featured author. There will be a number of venues including poetry on the 13Th at Beale Street Brews in the Kingman Historic District, an authors reception at Mohave Community College, and then the main event at Metcalf Park on Saturday. For more information check out their website –
Then we have a half dozen golf related events, a couple of relays, movies under the stars, a Mr. D’z classic car breakfast on Saturday mornings, and a chilli cook off. For more information about any of these, or other scheduled events go to or call 866-427-7866.