As a result of time constraints today’s note is a brief one. So, lets start with a special thank you to all who helped take the idea of a book about the ghost towns of Route 66 from water cooler conversation to reality.
This is not an indication the book is completed or that the work is finished. There is still a long row to hoe but the text is finished and is in the polishing stage. The captions are written but still need a tweak or two. Suffice to say I thank God for deadlines or more than likely I would fiddle with the damn thing until I40 was bypassed and the towns along its path were ghost towns.
With that said a partial list of those to whom I am indebted include Jane Lee, Laurel Kane, Joe Sonderman, the staff in the research library at the Mohave Museum of History & Arts, Debra Holden, Jerry McClanahan, and Jim Ross. A complete and detailed list will be posted as soon as I get this to the publisher.
Now, before providing a list of books used as reference material, books that will be of interest to fans of the double six, here is the shameless self promotion. Last week Ghost Towns of the Southwest just under 600,000 on’s sales ranking.
Today – Sales Rank: #190,577 in Books
Popular in these categories:
#25 in Books > Travel > United States > States > New Mexico
#26 in Books > History > United States > State & Local > Arizona
#38 in Books > History > United States > State & Local > New Mexico
What can I say besides thank you. Anyone care to share their thoughts on the book?
The next item on the list is titles to fill the shelves of Route 66 explorers, the armchair variety as well as those that seek the broken stetches of asphalt and forlorn ruins in the midst of the desert like a sane person seeks shade on a scorching summer day in the midst of the Mojave Desert. In other words, people like me.
With that said – here is to happy trails!

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