The past week or so here in Kingman the weather has been a delightful blend of spring with a touch of early summer tempered with a hint of winter. In short, a typical spring.
I have no complaints, after all I choose to live here on purpose. Having lived in a variety of locals including a few of those nasty places with names that begin with “M” (Michigan, etc.), I have come to the conclusion that there are far worse places a man can dwell than Kingman, Arizona.
As noted previously it will most likely be Monday before posting will resume but rest assured I will have lots of stories and more than a few photos to share. This evening after work we load the Jeep, turn the house over to our son, grab a few hours sleep, and take to the road on a new adventure, an adventure that I am quite sure will enhance our feelings about Kingman.
For this trip I have evaluated possible routes from every angle as is my custom when we are being chased by a schedule. Any way I slice it the only real choice is to run I-40 to I-15, south over Cajon Pass, and then west through Pasadena to Burbank.
I have difficulty finding words to adequately express my disdain for the traffic of the Los Angeles area that begins in Barstow. Suffice to say, in recent years the traffic in Kingman has begun to bother me. When we acquired our fourth traffic signal some years ago I began to feel constricted.
It is my nature to find good in all situations. In this instance I am quite sure that when we return home, Kingman and its traffic will seem like a very minor irritation.
Even better is the fact that the return trip is only constrained by the expense of gasoline versus the allocated budget and the need to be back to work by some point on Monday morning. So, these two old desert rats are headed for the beach for a drive along the coast from Malibut to Oxnard.
From there it is mostly an open ended question. If time is short we catch the main highway in Bakersfield or Barstow and roll with the traffic east toward Arizona. However, if at all possible we will explore Daggett and the follow lonely old Route 66 across the Mojave Desert to Essex.
Well, for those enjoying the Route 66 Fun Run, I hope your stay is a pleasant one. Moreover, I hope that you will return again soon to discover other little gems that make Kingman a really unique place.

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