Plymouth and Oldsmobile, as well as Packard, Hudson, Studebaker, Crosley, Kaiser, Nash, AMC, and about 2,000 other automotive manufacturers, may be gone but they are not forgotten. Automobiles manufactured by these companies are still enjoyed by thousands of loyal fans.

Apparently the organizers of Chillin’ on Beale Street in Kingman, Arizona are also fans of the orphaned automobile. The theme for the July edition of this event may still be “anything with wheels” but the spot light will be on representatives from forgotten chapters of automotive history.

With an emphasis on relaxation and fun (as evidenced by the lawn chairs and coolers that line the sidewalks) rather than competition the event continues to grow in popularity. Another unique aspect of the event is the open door policy toward vehicles as evidenced at this past event where vintage motor homes shaded ancient pick up trucks and scooters seemed dwarfed in the shadow of both.
The initial press release for the event exudes excitement. So dust off the old Chevy, Studebaker, Packard, or De Soto, air up the tires on the bicycle, invest in a comfortable lawn chair, and mark your calendar for July 17.

“The June edition of Chillin’ on Beale Street, a joint endeavor of the Kingman Route 66 Association, the Cruizers Car Club, and the Kingman Downtown Merchants Association, may be history but it will not be soon forgotten. With sponsorship from NAPA, Monica J. Busch Investments, Fastrax, and KRMC, Beale Street was transformed into a sea of glittering chrome and the sidewalks filled with folks who came for the cars, music, entertainment and cool breezes as the evening shadows lengthened.

This no charge for admission, no entry fee car show has historically attracted a very diverse field of automotive entries but this was the largest and most eclectic display to date. Vehicles on display ran the gamut from cobbled together rat rods and garishly painted hotrods to a very rare 1962 Chrysler 300 and 1951 Hudson.

The next Chillin’ on Beale Street, scheduled for the evening of July 17, will continue with the “anything with wheels is welcome” tradition but this time there will be a twist. The theme for this event will be a salute to automotive orphans, vehicles manufactured by companies no longer existent (Packard, Studebaker, AMC etc.) or that represent a discontinued line (Plymouth, Oldsmobile, etc.).

For general information about the event, information about the cost of advertisement through sponsorship, or availability and cost of vendor spaces, contact Chris Durkin at 928-830-3755.”