Time constraints make this a short post today. Some of this may seem like old news for regular followers of this blog but please bear with me or skip to the end for information about exciting new developments. Still , for those who enjoy vintage iron (driving or seeing), Route 66, or that great American past time that is the road trip, this post is for you.
Our first item of the day is a quick note about the Donut Depot, another little treasure often missed by travelers. If you like a little vintage iron with your coffee, breakfast, or lunch, they are adding a gallery of photos showcasing the hot rods, custom cars, and classics that frequent this restaurant on Saturday, and now, Sunday mornings.

The Donut Depot is easy to find. From Route 66, Andy Devine Avenue, turn north on Stockton Hill Road directly across from the Dambar. It will be on the left side just past the cemetery, about a quarter mile.

The second item of the day is the July edition of Chillin on Beale Street scheduled for this coming Saturday evening. As noted previously the event is free for spectators or participants and is open to anything with wheels.
However, this edition will be unique in that it is the first with a theme – a salute to the automotive orphan. The organizers do not have limits on the number of vehicle entries but only the first two hundred orphans to arrive will receive a commemorative magnetic plaque.
The recent restructuring of the American automobile industry has added Mercury, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile to the list of automotive orphans. Add these to the possible representatives from more than 2,000 manufacturers and the potential  for rare sightings, as well as for a very eclectic showing that could run the gamut from the Aztec and Pacer to Hudson Hornet and Studebaker Lark, rises exponentially. Now factor in vehicles from Europe. Wow!
I have no idea what to expect but the thought that Beale Street on Saturday night will be lined with a veritable parade of automotive history fills me with with eager anticipation.
On August 14TH, Martin Swanty Chrysler on Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66) in Kingman will be hosting a huge blow out block party that includes cars, a Harley Davidson display, a book signing and Jeep promotion, burn out contests, and a pool party. Details are still to be confirmed but this looks like an event that should be filed under “DO NOT MISS!”

The 21ST of August is the next edition of Chillin on Beale Street. Again it is a free, anything with wheels event. However, the spotlight will shine on Mopar and a number of new activities are being added to the schedule of events including special hours at the Power House and Route 66 Museum.
September 18. Mark your calendar, plan your trip, buy your train ticket. What ever it takes, be in Kingman on the 18TH of September.
First, is the Mohave County Fair. In spite of the dramatic growth of the area during the past two decades the fair retains its rural atmosphere with an emphasis on livestock, crafts, and a carnival.
The noon hour, as well as an hour or so on both sides, is scheduled for the annual Praise Chapel car show. The event takes place in the church parking lot just off Hualapai Mountain Road about six blocks south of Route 66. This event always attracts the local auto enthusiasts and as a result it is always a hit for those who enjoy vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
That evening the September edition of Chillin of Beale Street sends summer out with a bang. In a recent discussion with the organizer it was noted that the planned theme will be a salute to the road trip.
In the works – but not confirmed – is a road trip themed film festival, the car show, travel trailer/motor home display (new and old), and a Route 66 book show with an important twist, the world premier of an exciting new book, Greetings From Route 66http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=1968adventurer&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=076033885X&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr, that is scheduled for an October 1 release.
On a personal note it looks as though we will again be taking to the road beginning in late September. Trip one a weekend photographic safari to the Prescott and then on to the historic mining town of Crown King via the astounding Senator Highway.
Do not let the name fool you. This road is a highway in name only. In actuality it is a territorial era road that connects the mining camps of the Bradshaw Mountains with Prescott, the territorial capital.
Trip two is another California adventure. The primary focus will be photography for the forthcoming Route 66 encyclopedia but it will also include a visit to my favorite book store – Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank.
Stay tuned for exciting details!

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