The fact that I am writing this while eating lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon should give you an idea as to how my day is going. Yesterday was almost the same in regards to work load but much of that was pertaining to the Route 66 encyclopedia.
This leads to an explanation for today’s post. My goal was to be back on a semi normal schedule that would allow for posting every day. Judging by the posts of the past few days, you can see how well that has worked out.
Still, I have no complaints. Perhaps I should rephrase that. My complaints are relatively minor and most of the problems that result in complaints have my name listed as the manufacturer.
It was a pleasant morning so I saddled up and rode to work skirting the fairgrounds and then crossing Route 66. That was the end of the calm morning.
Apparently the young fellow who washes vehicles for me in the afternoons developed eye trouble yesterday as he could not see any reason to wash or inspect anything. So, I started the day with an office full of customers and not one ready vehicle ready to roll.
As a result, I would wash a truck, check tires and fluids, and then rent the vehicle. A chaotic, slow and frustrating way to conduct business but doable. Then came customer number three.
Washed. Check. Fluids checked. Check. Correct tire pressure. Check. No Internet service. On to plan “B”. Manual contract written. Manual credit card authorization unavailable. Invalid merchant number. District manager called. For security, number has been changed. New number acquired. Internet service now available. Void manual contract as per protocol. Check out customer. What fun!
This is one of those days that exemplifies the old adage, “If you think today is bad wait until tomorrow when it is worse and then it will seem like a good day.” Just yesterday afternoon, in spite of a very productive weekend, I could feel the pressure build as the enormity of the encyclopedia project, and the responsibility of ensuring it is an accurate research tool and yet current enough to be utilized as a promotional vehicle for businesses along the route. Now, I find myself missing that level of stress as it seems so benign in comparison.
Still, neither work load is really that bad. The office job that pays the expenses of my writing habit and that puts beans on the table is often enjoyable. The people I meet, the opportunity to help, and the challenges that require me to think fast and be creative in problem solving fits me well.
However, it is in writing and photography that I derive the greatest pleasure. It is more than a creative outlet for the sharing of my love for the open places, the road less traveled, and the vehicles that traversed those roads. It is an endless series of doors that open to new adventures, to the meeting of fascinating people, and that move me one step closer to realizing a childhood dream.
Now, before I close, here are a couple of updates that might be of interest. The official theme for the August edition of Chillin’ on Beale Street, scheduled for the evening of August 21, is going topless on Route 66.

As always the event is open to anything with wheels from bicycles, trikes, and motorcycles to hot rods, trucks, and antiques. However, the spotlight will be on the top down fun of the convertible.
Full details have not been released but there will be some exciting changes to this edition. Most notable are the hours at the Power House Visitor Center and Route 66 Museum will be extended until 8:00 PM which in my book interprets into cruising.
Another item of potential interest for fans of the automobile is a huge block party with burn out contests, cars, more cars, and music at Martin Swanty Chrysler on the evening of August 14. The dealershipp is located about 1.25 miles west of the I40 interchange on Andy Devine Ave. (Route 66).

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