In my humble opinion honest journalists are almost as scarce as politicians with scruples and pawn brokers who don’t prosper from the hard times being experienced by their customers. Moreover, if you think it is hard to find an honest journalist try finding one that also has integrity. We of the Route 66 community are very blessed to have one of those honest journalists with a very long streak of integrity chronicling the people and events along the old iconic double six, Ron Warnick of Route 66 News.
Well, with that long winded introduction let me say that I have learned the exciting new compilation featuring some of the best and brightest Route 66 authors, Greetings from Route 66, has a bit of tarnish in the form of an inaccuracy or two hidden amongst the stunning layout and the colorful illustrations. A few of these may be the result of the time delay between writing and publication.
Rather than say more, I will await Ron’s review and report to be released in the next week or so after he talks with the publisher. As soon as this is made available I will provide a link.
Next on the docket is the frustration of eager anticipation. The grand birthday celebration for Route 66 planned for November 11 on Santa Monica Pier that is being spearheaded by Dan Rice is morphing into a full scale extravaganza. Dale Butel of Route 66 tours in Australia is flying in for the occasion as is “Croc” Lile of the Lile Gallery in Amarillo, the legendary Ron Jones affectionately known as the “tattoo man”, and a few other Route 66 celebrities.
I am more than eager to attend and have an invitation from Dan Rice himself. However, the budget will allow but one trip to California in the next few months and I have a very important meeting that is tentatively scheduled for the 2oth of November.
So, as I await confirmation the anticipation builds, as both are events we are eager to attend.
Once I am able to make plans for one date or the other, then work can begin to resolve the small matter of who will fill in at the office and take care of mother.
Anticipation seems to be the word of the week. My son informed us Monday that the doctor confirmed our grandson should arrive at some point before November 1.

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