Counted among the various ways I find to complicate life and frustrate myself are loose strings. One or two are not really a worry but the observant individual will note that these are the first signs of unraveling.
So, with that introduction lets get down to business. Item one is Greetings from Route 66 A few days ago I noted that Ron Warnick of Route 66 News had found a few glaring errors. At that time I promised to post his review regardless of where the chips fell. Well, here it is.
Normally I avoid posting reviews unless they are written by me. However, in light of Ron’s record for integrity and honest, old fashioned investigative journalism, and the importance of this book to the Route 66 community, the feeling was it needed to be shared.
Next was the update on the Route 66 encyclopedia and atlas. Without the assistance of the Route 66 community this project simply would not be feasible.
This morning it dawned on me that since the initial request for assistance I have not provided an update to those who have given or offered assistance. I rectified that earlier today.
If I missed updating or saying thank you to anyone involved with this project, I apologize. Here is a copy of the note sent.
“I realized this morning that since my initial request for assistance an update as to progress on the Route 66 encyclopedia and atlas has not been given. As each of you have offered or provided assistance for this project, and as this project would not be feasible without your assistance, I feel obligated to keep you informed.
I am now thirteen months from deadline and am almost one third of the way to the editorial goal of 150,000 words of text. As it is becoming increasingly obvious that even with concise entries this will be inadequate to fully encapsulate 85 years of the highways history, thought is being given to a slight alteration in theme and title.
What I am envisioning is a descriptor like this – Route 66 Encyclopedia and Atlas, Volume One, Geographic. If approved, a second volume would be biographical.
As noted, the primary reason for this line of thinking is scope. I am writing a concise profile of each community on Route 66 including origination, early history, and association with U.S. 66 and predecessor highways.
Of course this includes as much information as possible about businesses and attractions associated with Route 66, including their owners, as well as the history associated with significant geographical features such as Cajon and Sitgreaves Pass. To ensure accuracy I am adding to my collection of AAA guide books and business directories as well as pestering you with questions.
I would like to thank each of you for the assistance. Please feel free to share ideas, leads, or thoughts.
Jim Hinckley”
Now, an update on the Triangle Motel project in Amarillo. As noted in a previous post, I will donate the proceeds from the sale of prints, minus gallery commission, displayed at the Lile Gallery in Amarillo to this project.
This note posted on the Route 66 Yahoo group by Dale Butel, Route 66 Tours in Australia, contains more detail. However, I am also posting this as it exemplifies the unique international nature of the Route 66 community.
“Hello to everyone in the Group…
I have a challenge for all of you Route 66 Fan’s. Please read on and together let’s get this done.
Back in August I was driving across the USA on one of my Route 66 research trips and had the pleasure of spending some time with Bob “Crocodile” Lile in Amarillo. While I was in town Croc showed me his beloved Route 66 through the city, and that included a stop at the Triangle Motel. He explained to me what Alan McNeil was attempting to do with this classic old Motel. He described the state it was in when he started and showed me the progress made to date. Croc also shared his thoughts on just how important he felt the restoration of this Motel was to Amarillo, and to Route 66 in general. While we wandered about the grounds and checked out some of the rooms and the office, I could not help but to visualise what it will be like when it is finally restored.
I could see how in the heat of summer the central court will be very attractive to weary travellers. I could imagine motorcycle groups parked under the shade of the mature trees, enjoying the green grass or swimming in the pool. I could picture families stopping in for a night, and Mom & Dad showing their children what motels where like back in the days before the cookie cutter franchise chains changed the USA forever. In a nutshell, I could see just how cool this place will be once it is completed.
Recently I received information that suggested the Triangle Motel was to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. I think this is a tremendous honour as yet again a Route 66 Property becomes a little more famous. However… the title to the Triangle Motel is still in the previous owners name as the property has yet to be fully purchased. As a result, unless the last $3600 can be paid up within the next few weeks, when the motel is added to the register it will be in this other person’s name, the Vaughn Price Trust.
My understanding is that the previous owners did not value this fabulous old Motel and let it deteriorate to a disgraceful level of abandonment. It is Mr Alan McNeil that has stepped up to the task of saving the Triangle Motel. It is his vision and his money that is rebuilding the motel, and this is no easy project. At this point in time Alan does not have the means to clear the title in time to have his name registered owner.
This is where we all step in to help. We all love Route 66, and I am sure we would all love to see the Triangle restored. Well Alan is taking a great risk and working extremely hard resurrecting the Motel. So I want to challenge every member to participate in this worthy cause.
We need $3600 raised so the Motel can be paid in full. I am sure between the members we could raise that within a week. I have donated $100 to start the ball rolling leaving $3500 to raise. So that is only 35 people donating $100, or only 70 people donating $50, or only 175 people donating $20. Let’s make a difference today and get the rightful name linked to the Triangle Motel listing. So far $420 has been donated so that leaves $3180 to go. I understand that more money has been promised and should be on the way.
Please post Cheques to Alan McNeil, Triangle Motel, 7954 Amarillo Blvd E. Amarillo, TX 79107.
For those of us located outside of the USA please send a Money Order and post it off to Alan ASAP.
This is all about the Route 66 family, we need to offer support in a practical manner. Lets stops with all the words about Route 66 and let’s put our money where our mouths are. Donate now.
This is a photo of the Triangle taken on my trip in August, cut and paste the following link –!/photo.php?fbid=438254059776&set=a.438253864776.194399.174423294776
Kind Regards, Dale Butel”
The next update is in regards to photography. My wife and I have tinkered with the photographic arts and have even supplied photos for a few corporate websites as well as illustrations to accompany feature articles written.
However, we have never taken on a huge project. So, it was with a bit of trepidation we accepted the assignment of providing all images (750 historic, 1250 new) for the Route 66 encyclopedia.
Last week we were required to submit a sampling of proposed illustrations for this book. Well, they were approved.

So, here is a sample of what you will be seeing in the forthcoming encyclopedia and in future projects. This shot of the world famous bridge on Route 66 in Kansas was taken by dearest friend on our epic odyssey to Missouri this past spring.
The final items of the day pertain to road trips. If you are in the Kingman area this weekend there is a two day Octoberfest celebration on the 16th and 17th that has something for everyone from cars and brats to beer and music.
On November 11, the big party will be on Santa Monica Pier. The celebration of the designation of Route 66 in 1926 on that date, and the kick off for Dan Rice’s new book are the main events.
It looks as there will again be conflicting events next June. There is the big international Route 66 festival in Amarillo and another in Illinois.
I am not quite sure how this happens every year but it makes it very hard to be in two places at once. So, in June I will be in Amarillo. If the folks in Illinois have anything planned for early October 2011, we would like to attend and that is about the time we will be heading home from Chicago.

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