Long, long ago I learned that well laid plans are subject to change at a moments notice. At that juncture there are two options; hold your breath, turn blue, and accomplish nothing or roll with the punches and accept the challenge for the discovery of new opportunities.
An excellent case in point is the opening of the long awaited Hoover Dam bypass bridge. To celebrate the grand opening of this engineering marvel, a car club from Kingman and another from Las Vegas will host a cruise across the bridge this weekend presenting an historic photo opportunity.
Well, my plans called for photographing the event for Cars & Parts magazine. About six weeks ago notice was received that this venerable periodical was ceasing publication effective immediately. So, the plan is to cover the event for the car club as promised and then talk with Angelo Van Bogart at Old Cars Weekly to see if he is interested in the feature.
Other plans afoot for the weekend including meetings pertaining to CNG development in Kingman, Saturday, and a couple of interviews for the encyclopedia project. Lets see how these plans fly.
This morning I planned on sharing a thumbnail of the photo prints currently on display at the Lile gallery in Amarillo (click the photo tab at the top of the page for more information). These are the last ones from the Ghost Towns of the Southwest series and the proceeds from the sale of these prints, minus gallery commission, is being donated to the Triangle Motel restoration project.
Before retiring for the evening I mentally put this at the top of the list for today’s projects. The first detour came with a text message from my sons girlfriend who went into labor early this morning. The second came in the form of a notice from Blogger informing me that photo uploads were disabled for several hours.
When large projects are subjected to such detours the ramifications can be rather dramatic. An excellent case in point is the dramatic drop in water levels at Lake Mead.
This past week, and most likely the rest of this week, is one big detour from well laid plans. First, there were issues in regards to photos for Ghost Towns of Route 66, which in turn resulted in the rewriting of numerous captions. This disrupted the Route 66 encyclopedia schedule.
Last week I promised Bob Lile that a series of smaller 8×10 prints would be sent as donations to the Triangle Motel project. On Monday, I learned that the photo shop was having a few printer issues so now this is delayed by one week.
At this juncture the month of November looks as though several boxes of jigsaw puzzle pieces were mixed together. So, as crazy as it may seem, I am looking forward to the next few weeks with eager anticipation.
Lets see, we have the impending arrival of the grandson, a scheduled interview with Jay Leno, a big event at Santa Monica Pier, Thanksgiving, resolution of a myriad of financial loose ends as they pertain to mothers problems, and, as time allows, work on the encyclopedia. However, the most exciting aspect of November is that with a schedule such as this there is endless opportunity for at least one or two very exciting detours.