Those who follow the blog, or that are familiar with the books I have written, know we prefer the road less traveled, the attractions that fly under the radar, and obscure destinations such as Rhyolite in Nevada or the ruins of the Painted Desert Trading Post. So, places such as Las Vegas seldom enters the  discussion when we begin discussions about the next road trip even though it is a mere 100 miles up the road.
Rhyolite, Nevada
We will make the trek through glitter gulch when a major airport is needed and on occasion we will zip through as we travel to some obscure place in the desert. There are some fascinating sites and attractions in Las Vegas such as the impressive automobile collection at the Imperial Palace and the neon bone yard.
However, for us they are overshadowed by the thin superficiality of most everything.
In my humble opinion it is as though the creators of Disneyland were give free reign, the best hallucinogenics, and access to unlimited funds. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert and they have lagoons and city officials talking of recreating the canals of Venice to breathe new life into the downtown area.
Still, there is an interesting history here that is often lost amongst the glitter, the fake pirate ships, and scantily clad silicone princesses. Here is a link to a Las Vegas history site that also has information about sites overlooked by visitors focused solely on the adventure of the casino. It will keep you busy for quite some time so you might book mark it for a cold snowy winter afternoon.
On the personal front, I am back to a six day work schedule for the foreseeable future. So, unless I drag my backside from bed around 4:30 blog posts might become a bit sporadic because evenings will be set aside for the encyclopedia and atlas project, the movie night with my dearest friend, and work to ensure 2011 is a banner year for Kingman as a vacation destination.

Santa Monic Pier as seen from Palisades park

 Scheduling conflictions and the situation at the office make it impossible for me attend the gala Route 66 anniversary celebration on Santa Monica Pier scheduled for November 11. Dan Rice, the recently elected vice president of the California Route 66 Association, is spearheading the major event and all indications are it will be an exciting new chapter in the history of that legendary highway.
Still, we have plans for one more big adventure before the year draws to a close. Details will be forthcoming soon and rest assured, photos will be posted upon return.
Speaking of photography, the first of the 8 x 10 prints noted a few days ago are enroute to the Lile Gallery. The proceeds from their sale will be donated to the Triangle Motel project. For more information about ordering these or other prints click on the photo tab at the top of the page.

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