How is that for a catchy title? It popped into my head during the brief interlude between the shot to numb the gum and the moment drilling began. I believe it was inspired by reflection on the surreal world of the past two weeks, and thoughts of the California road trip that is now less than two weeks away.
I seldom need an excuse for a road trip. Even  more rare are those times when I am not thinking of road trips. This time is different. I NEED A ROAD TRIP!
So, Saturday morning began with the usual activities plus devising a game plan for the California road trip. As this is to be a business trip frosted with a welcome and overdue escape, I am striving for a balance between mad rush and quiet time on the beach as opportunity passes by.
My first appointment that Saturday is not until 11:00 in Burbank. So, if we leave Kingman at around 3:00 in the morning we should have time for a stop at my favorite book store, Auto Books – Aero Books on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank.
The game plan is to end the day in Calabasas. I have learned that most lodging opportunities in the Los Angeles area either have reasonable rates (take turns sleeping on top of the covers and stay below the windows in case of neighborhood gunfire) or break the bank expensive.
After a bit of research I discovered the Good Nite Inn, a small California chain, on a previous visit. The motel in Calabasas is conveniently located (about a half hour west of Hollywood), is clean, is easy to locate, is relatively quiet, is in a good neighborhood with stores and restaurants within walking distance, and is reasonably priced with rates running from $50.00 to $75.00 plus tax.
As a bonus it will dovetail nicely with our plans to visit the farmers market in Malibu on Sunday morning and then drive down the cost to see Dan Rice and his wife, Jessica, at Santa Monica Pier. From Calabasas it is but a short and very scenic drive down Topanga Canyon to Malibu. From Malibu it is but a skip and a hop to Santa Monica.
Sunday night we will treat ourselves to a stay at the Wigwam Motel in Rialto after battling our way through the traffic of the L.A. metropolitan area. As a fan of Route 66, the mom and pop shops along its storied route, and roadside time capsules in general, I am embarrassed to say we have never stayed at this motel. My plan is to rectify that oversight on this trip.
From there it should be a free day which in my world interprets into a leisurely drive home on Route 66 across the Mojave Desert. Rounding out the day will be breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe in Wrightwood with the Hallmark’s (I suppose it would be a good idea to invite them soon).
I harbor no illusions. The strange and harried world we currently reside in will be here on our return but in the meantime …

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