I have a deep and almost primitive fascination with the marvels of the modern technological age. In spite of this I manage to live my life relatively free of the increasingly complex umbilical chord that tethers most of modern society to an almost voyeuristic lifestyle where the world is seen but not experienced.
A cell phone fills my pocket because the job mandates it. Even though I find it useful on occasion, the question that begs to be asked is why can’t I simply have a phone instead of a Dick Tracy watch and electronic Swiss Army knife rolled into a wafer sized package.
My rotary dial wall phone worked fine for talking to folks. However, as we now live in an era of press one, press two, press forty seven and the pound key, the age of talking with a living, breathing human is an outmoded concept that relegated my perfectly good, fully functional telephone to the trash heap or museum.
To give you an idea as to how old I am, consider this. I can remember a time when a black and white television coupled to a rabbit ear antenna allowed us to watch one or two stations with absolute satisfaction.
Now, we must have a theater screen sized television coupled to a bank of speakers that eclipses that used at Woodstock. All of this must be tethered to a satellite service that charges us X number of dollars per month to watch movie reruns and the “classic” television shows we watched for free forty years ago.
I may be considered an old fart but thankfully, I have lived long enough to enjoy the privilege of being able to play the “remember when” game. That means I have the advantage of knowing if any of this is an improvement and the answer is yes and no.
There is a point to this lengthy introduction. That point is this, life is a comedy if we will just take a moment to see the humor in it. So, learn to laugh at the world you live in for good comedy, occasionally dark comedy, is found at every turn.
Consider the surreal world that I dwell in as a case study. Can you top this?
Jay Leno and I have discussed a possible interview for his website, Jay Leno’s Garage, since the first of February. Now, after months of schedule confliction, changed dates, personal problems, and all manner of delays I am less than two weeks away from this exciting moment in my career.
Care to guess what has happened? A barely noticeable spot on my nose has morphed into a dark bump the size of a pencil eraser. Here is the best part, the soonest I can see a doctor about this is three days before leaving for California. And you thought pimple nightmares were merely for prom night!
For two years I have been developing contacts in England with a goal of taking my books and photos international. Last week a reference led to the pivotal contact that could very well make the dream a reality.
Care to guess what happened? A note was received that requested I call before the end of the week and there was one digit missing from the return number. It gets better. I sent an email message and received an out of office reply.
All of this has transpired in the past two weeks. However, the absolute best, the list topper was a phone call from my deceased mother. This is one surprise that will be very hard to top. Still, in light of past events, I am quite sure there is one even better waiting just ahead.
So, remember this. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs at you.  

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