Lets start the day with a rousing game of what if. What if a car could be built that would meet projected Federal and California emissions standards, deliver something like 45 miles per gallon, out perform most anything on the road with zero to sixty times around 5.5 seconds, and provide roomy comfort for five passengers?
Well, that car in several variations was built more than forty years ago and that is the subject of an exciting new book by Steve Lehto. The author and the car, courtesy of Jay Leno, will be at Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank this coming Saturday.
Chrysler’s Turbine Car The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation
Author Steve Lehto Foreward by Jay Leno
The Car, the Story!
10:00AM – 2:00PM
So, we have another reason to look toward our California adventure with eager anticipation. It will be another whirlwind excursion but the worst day on a road trip with my dearest friend trumps the best day at the office.
In our initial plans this was to have been a full fledged vacation slash business trip running to four or five days. Issues at the office forced a change in plans so we now will be condensing everything into 2.5 days.
The business portion of this road trip is the stop at Auto Books – Aero Books, the interview with Jay Leno, and a possible signing at Barnes & Noble in Calabasas. The pleasure that will be mixed with the business includes a stop at Auto Books – Aero Books, the interview with Jay Leno, and a possible book signing as well as a visit with Dan Rice and his wife on Santa Monica Pier, a visit with the Hallmark’s in Wrightwood, a stop at the famous Los Angeles Farmers market, and, of course, a long walk on the beach with my dearest friend.
Between now and our departure very, very early on Saturday morning there is still much to do. The project at mother’s house consumed far more time than initially anticipated, and will for at least another evening or two, and as a result the encyclopedia was neglected, we were unable to meet with Chris Durkin to discuss his recent trip to California, the Jeep has yet to be serviced, and the house still needs to be stocked with supplies for the temporary master of the castle in our absence, our son.
In our home it often seems we often do things in a back to front manner. On more than one occasion this has resulted in a very odd, very surreal situation.
Here I am, working with my dearest friend, sorting through the effects that encapsulate a lifetime and the individual represented by these things is still with us. In short, I feel as though we are having the estate sale, experiencing the flush of memories that come from sorting through old photos and letters, before the closure of the funeral.
Adding to the sense of being off balance is the deterioration of my little sisters condition that has the spectre of a double funeral before years end shadowing all that we do. Tempering this darkness is the light that is a new addition to the family, our grandson that is now three weeks of age.
One lesson learned in twenty years of trading the written word for cash and plane tickets is that the next project needs to be on the burner at least a year before completion of the current one if there is to be continuity in the work. So, even though the encyclopedia and atlas is still a year away from completion and Ghost Towns of Route 66 will not be released until June, I have begun formulating ideas for the next work.
At this juncture the idea in mind is a departure from previous work. I am thinking that it might be time to build something on the theme for this blog – the life, times, and adventures of a starving artist on Route 66 and the road less traveled.
At this early stage my thoughts are that the book would serve as humorous inspiration for the aspiring writer and be a travel guide to obscure but amazing destinations. On the surface it might appear that vanity is the foundation for a book such as this. In actuality my goal would be to provide inspiration, to give folks a reason to smile, and to encourage travel on the road less traveled.
If Route 66 Chronicles was to have a listing of future attractions it would include my odd observations on life this week, updates and photos from the California adventure next week, and our annual thoughts on Thanksgiving next Thursday. Stay tuned … 

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