The countdown has begun. It is now only three days before we turn the keys to the house over to our son and again take to the road. That will be the kick off for a weeks vacation from the real job, the one that pays the bills and that supports the writing habit.
I harbor no illusions that my trials and tribulations are relatively minor compared to those most folks are dealing with, especially during the trying times that will some day be known as the Great Depression part II. Still, the past two and a half months have been grueling – eight weeks spent working six days per week at the office, the demise of Cars & Parts magazine, work on the Route 66 encyclopedia, cleaning out mothers house, the looming spectre of a double funeral before years end, and now, the news from the doctor and scheduling of a round of Mohs micrographic surgery next week that brings you up short by forcing focus on what is really important in this world.
It is time for a road trip to clear the head. It is time to savor the company of my dearest friend with a long walk on the beach, to nurture new found friendships, and to take the pursuit of writing as a career to the next level.
To that end I will drop the Jeep off at Taflan’s Automotive in the morning on the way to work, lay out the necessary supplies for the expedition, button up a few loose ends, and see if Kumar at the Wigwam in Rialto would have room at the inn this Sunday. Then we can begin counting the minutes until we roll down the driveway and head west in the darkness toward the congested labyrinth of the Los Angeles basin that stands between us and the coast.
After almost thirty years together my dearest friend has grown accustomed to my “child at Christmas” attitude in the days before a grand adventure. Still, even though it never is shown, I am quite sure the patience is tested.
How can I not be excited about the prospect of making new memories with my dearest friend, another opportunity to savor a sunset on the beach and a sunrise in the Mojave Desert, visits with friends, and good food. Further fuel for the excitement is another opportunity to cruise legendary Route 66 and the interview with Jay Leno that will culminate a two year long series of fascinating and intertwined events.
As this story will fit well with my Thanksgiving post, I will share them at that time. I hope that you will find it a source of inspiration.

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