It is with child like enthusiasm that I check the “Book Club” section of the website Jay Leno’s Garage every day. After twenty years of by lines in prestigious publications, the publication of six books, and countless interviews on television and the radio, I should be able to move beyond that child on Christmas morning feeling that comes with seeing a book climb in the rankings on Amazon or an interview go viral.
Well, it hasn’t happened yet and that is why I check every morning. It is not vanity as much as disbelief that fuels the fascination with each publication and each interview. Now, from that perspective, if I with a sense of unreality when a writer from the New Yorker called to get information on the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company as a result of a book I wrote, imagine what will happen when the interviews taped with Jay Leno hit the web.
See, in my mind I am still a kid dreaming of being a writer when I grow up. So, when I end up sitting down with Jay Leno there is a sense of unreality about the whole affair.
To be honest, I hope to never loose this child like wonder. I suppose if that were to happen the adventure of writing would be gone for ever and the awareness of just how blessed I have been would be dulled.
I still have a day job that supports the writing habit. So, I still have away to go before fulfilling the dream.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy the adventure and be amazed when people from Germany or Holland stop by the office, ask for an autograph, and tell me that something I wrote inspired them to make the trip. To know I inspired someone to discover the wonders of Route 66 is a reward in itself!
With all that transpired in 2010, and all that is lurking on the horizon for 2011, there is a quickening in my spirit, a sense that fulfillment of the dream to become a writer is drawing closer. So with eager anticipation I await the release of Ghost Towns of Route 66, continue work on the Route 66 encyclopedia, and lay plans for the project after that.
The lesson I hope to impart to aspiring writers and artists is this, if you have a gift or talent that can transform a dream into a reality pursue it. Suffer the slings and arrows of rejection. Let the joy of the work and the pursuit of the dream become the reward.
If, by chance, you become one of the lucky few who are privileged to live the dream rejoice but never loose the sense of wonder, of awe. Moreover, never forget where you started so you may be of encouragement to those starting on their path to grand adventure.
Don’t forget this weekends post. It will be the second weekend for our book reviews and travel tips feature.

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