Most who follow this blog do so for travel tips, photographs that inspire thoughts of road trips, odd bits of automotive trivia, and a touch of my dry wit. I seldom allow personal crisis to interfere unless theses trials can be used to encourage others.
Judging by the notes received this past couple of days, I feel it would be safe to assume that many of you are aware that my mother passed away on December 1. Thank you for the kind words, the prayers, and the encouragement.
Details are not relevant but our family has not moved from this cloud of crisis quite yet. So, there may be a blank spot or two in the daily posts during the coming weeks and on occasion, they may lean more toward the somber side. In advance, thank you for the patience.
Rather than risk casting a shadow over this day, I will leave you with a touch of automotive entertainment and history courtesy of Jay Leno. I am quite sure you will find this video of interest.

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